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Little did I know...

This last year has been an ADVENTURE, to say the least.  For the last 20 years I have been working in ministry at different capacities, through all seasons of life, with most of that having worked in a missions organization called Youth With a Mission (YWAM).  Luke and I started pioneering YWAM Ember Ink almost 10 years ago (In October) as we just said "yes" to God, He led us to the Bay Area.  It's taken everything in us to not just survive in this place but gain traction as this area has its unique challenges for people doing life the way we do. However, in God's great goodness... we are still here and seeing lives transformed! (100% His doing). 


A couple of years ago God impressed upon us to launch a Neighborhood Center/Ministry Complex in our Neighborhood. Our heart has always been about RESTORATION... restoring things, lives, and neighborhoods. We have always had the inherent belief that God is in the business of restoring things. He brings beauty from ashes (Isiah 61), He brings life to dry bones (Ezekiel 37). This truth has moved our heart into fully pursuing this step in our ministry. In the middle of this pursuit, I was approached to prayerfully consider the position of Interim Youth Director at our home church as they entered into a transition. And after a lot of prayer, and it not making any sense, we felt the Lord was giving us a green light to say yes to this request. 


Like I said, this last year has been an ADVENTURE! Being Youth Director had me working in a different ministry context, with a new team and a new demographic. Little did I know that I'd be shifting from in-person ministry to teachings on-line (yes, I'm a YouTuber now), coaching times over zoom and pastoral care on the phone. Every moment was so very valuable, challenging, stretching, and delightful. How amazing is it that we were one of the leading youth ministries in doing real-time large gatherings online before most even started getting things in place? (Once again, 100% His doing). I've been grateful for the staff, the volunteer team, the families and the opportunity. We didn't know how long it would last for but now that I've wrapped that season up, Luke and I are now relaunching some of the dreams we had put on "pause" to serve the church. 

So, what does the next steps look like?...


Things moving forward are 2-fold:  

Firstly, I need some time to take care of me. I'm going to take this month to rest!  Having navigated the Church's Youth Ministry during the state of our world (with a global pandemic) had me going into overdrive. I was constantly on my toes, navigating and maneuvering on unknown terrain and I'm needing a short break. 


I'm also taking time to reconnect with my family as the constant state of unknown took a lot more time than we expected. 


As I shift back into YWAM, I also need to fundraise for my annual salary so we can move forward in freedom. So I hope to see traction in that over the next month so I can dive in with ease.


Secondly, we are thrilled to move the Neighborhood Center/Ministry Complex forward! We are starting to fundraise for that too. My heart skips a beat at the possibilities that this could bring for our neighborhood, the families, the youth... you name it.  We're really hopeful for some investors and buy-in from those who know, not only the need, but the opportunity this is for God-centered work in a financially disadvantaged community. To see restoration here!


So, what can you do?...

Well, if you want to: 




  • You can PRAY! We need it!

  • You can VOLUNTEER! We have some fundraising opportunities coming and you can help us launch some of those.

Thank you friends, for following us along on the journey!!!

- Angela




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