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It's a New Season!!

You guys, it is a new season! I’m not talking about the actual 4 seasons that mark the passing of our year. I’m talking about a season in the Spirit which not only calls us to rise up... but PROMISES fruit! And not just fruit - but fruit in ABUNDANCE! 

As I walked past my poor neglected garden today, I had forgotten that I had planted things. I completely forgot. The busyness of life took over, then the rain came, and I eventually just forgot. 

But 4 things came to me today. 
  1. It matters what seeds we plant
  2. God is the one who grows things, not me! (Clearly)
  3. It is within His timing, so I can trust in that
  4. How exciting! 

The word I received for 2019 was “fruition”. Not 100% sure what that means but I can tell you that if I’ve been planting good seeds... I’m super excited! 

Other similar words within my community have been “Abundance”, “Reclaim”, “Expand”... they’re all in the realm of not only God’s Goodness and Bigness, but about His Faithfulness! Now is not the time to walk in fear or skepticism, waiting for something to go wrong.... NOW IS THE TIME FOR US TO STEP UP AND TO GRAB THE GOODNESS OF GOD - EXPECTING TO SEE IT IN YOUR LIFE! 

I’m so excited for this season! Hope you are too! 

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