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Halloween Outreach 'Light the Night'

Here are some pictures from this year's Halloween 'Light the Night' Outreach. We had a smaller turn out due to it being mid-week, but still had a wonderful time with our neighbors! We counted 450 children and youth that came through to participate in our games and had fun dancing, talking and handing out copious amounts of candy.

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The Haythorpes
Financial Update and Tax-Deductible Giving Information

Haythorpes Financial Update: In wrapping up 2017 we need $19,000 (we had a rush of unexpected donations at church today!)to go into our sabbatical financially free. 
As we go into 2018, our goal is to raise $120,000, we need $50,000 more to get up to 💯 for 2018. We appreciate your partnership in helping us reach our goals. We look for this to come in monthly partnerships and annual gifts.

YWAM Ember Ink Financial Update: As Directors we are responsible to raise any additional funds that are not covered by tuition. For 2018 this figure is $35,000. This will cover ministry costs inc but not limited to our Youth Street Program, local outreach initiatives and administration expenses.

All donations given towards our ministry are tax-deductible. To give towards our family in ministry please go to and click through to donate. To make a donation towards YWAM Ember Ink please go to .

Prayer and Ministry Calendar 2018
January - We will be on Sabbatical in Australia until the End of January. We are taking time away from our regular programming to rest, reflect, revision and recharge.
Prayer: Finances (as listed above), Vision, Rest

 February/March - Promoting DTS, recruiting and planning…

April - New YWAM staff arrive to lead and run Youth Street and DTS. -
Prayer: Visa’s, ministry fundraising and housing, 2 more additional staff needed.

May - Youth Street restarts. Youth Street plays a significant role in providing a safe, fun atmosphere for local children and teens. We see many of our ‘Youth Street’ Crew make decisions to follow Jesus and join Christian Community through our two partner churches here in the neighborhood. 

Held mainly on Saturday afternoons with special events sprinkled throughout the year our Jesus loving staff team and other volunteers invest a lot of time and attention into the youth and their families with a vision and mission to see lives transformed through the words and actions of the living gospel.

Prayer: Leaders and volunteers to join, a permanent, regular meeting space in our neighborhood.

June/July - DTS Prep (Including preparing housing for students, outreach planning etc) -Youth Street, Hosting outreach Teams from other YWAM DTS’s.

August/September - Discipleship Training School (DTS) 
We will host our third (DTS) here in San Jose. We will be hosting tracks (themes) of Music & Art and Youth & Social Media, Spiritual & Physical Bootcamp.

YWAM Bay Area Staff Retreat 
A time to gather with our YWAM Bay Area Family. We serve on the eldership of over 70 staff and their families with over 8 locations and 15 different ministry expressions here from San Francisco to San Jose!

Prayer: Safety, Holy Spirit Encounters, Wisdom, Ministry Partners, New Locations starting, Properties, Communications staff, New Training Initiatives, Administration Assistant for Bay Area Co-Ordinator, A few locations (including us) need volunteer coordinators, Discipleship Houses across the Bay and people to run them.

October - Bootcamp DTS team to Nepal. - Angela will Lead.

Going into hard to reach places bringing the light of the gospel to those who haven’t yet heard is an important and valued piece of our mission. We work with YWAM ministries in Nepal and other organizations to serve and support their work.

November - Youth DTS team to South Africa. - Haythorpe Family attend

Every year we send teams to a small township called ‘Masiphumelele’ (Masi) to invest into the young people and serve a long-term Job-creation ministry.

Prayer: We would love to take at least one other family with us for a portion of our trip! Having others serve alongside the DTS Outreach is such a beautiful experience!

December - Music DTS team to Australia. - Luke will Lead.

We will be partnering with a YWAM ministry that use music and art to reach a diverse neighborhood in urban Sydney. This will give our students an opportunity to share their gifts and lead on the spot of how to use music to communicate and bring people closer to Jesus.

In Closing…
We are grateful for all of your financial gifts and prayers that make us run. While our plans are projected, we leave room for the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us.
A need we have outside of our budget is a New Vehicle: We are praying for a newish Suburban as our car recently broke down. Cost around $40k-50k.

We continue to be blown away by His provision and calling, we look forward to sharing all of the beautiful things He will do this year. 

- Love the Haythorpes

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The Haythorpes