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Trip to the Yakama Nation

FROM KINDI: Our Church Youth Group is going on a Missions Trip in July. This year I am a seventh grader and I have been in our Youth Group's Student Leadership Group. I am choosing to go on the SLAM (Students Learning About Missions) trip because I want to experience God through the eyes of other people and cultures. I am hoping to go on this trip with Joy and my mom.

FROM JOY: Along with Kindi, I also participate in Youth Group's Student Leadership Group and I am now in 8th grade. I also help lead Worship on Friday nights where we gather every week. I've chosen to go on SLAM trip because I think that through this trip, I will connect with God more. With that, we will be working in the Yakama Nation up in Washington to bring support and love to the Native Americans. Please read more about the Yakama people by clicking the picture.

We are so excited to go on the SLAM trip! For us to be able to go on this trip, we each need to raise $500 ($1500 total) so we can all go.  Would you like to help us get there?

Thank you for supporting us, our growth in our individual relationships with God and our continued call to be kid missionaries.

- Joy & Kindi

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