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Leadership Development Course.

  • Get time away from your present responsibilities to seek God
  • Understand your gifting and calling for a clarity of focus
  • Gain a knowledge of your phase of growth as a leader
  • Learn specific skills in leadership and mentoring
  • Have team leadership and participatory leadership style modeled
  • Enjoy an environment for special encounters with God

These are some of the reasons listed in favor of why many leaders within YWAM take time away from their responsibilities to recharge. It is a specially designed course for YWAM leaders with at least 5 years ministry experience. As we are in our 18th year serving within YWAM we think this is WAY overdue!!

It has been on my heart for a long time for us to attend this course but due to many reasons we have not believed the time was right. As we have been praying and seeking God regarding some of the specifics of this year we are greatly encouraged to pursue attending this school in the Fall. It would mean us postponing the beginning of our next intake of students till the following year which honestly takes quite a lot of pressure off. 

It would mean us committing to be on location for six weeks in Salem, Oregon. We are looking at what is wisdom and how to manage our family during this time. We have a sense of faith that God will use this time to position us to grow our ministry and provide some greater clarity and focus of vision and purpose.

Would you be praying for God to confirm and provide a way for us to attend this course?

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