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  • Monthly or Annual Financial Commitment.  

    We are continued to be amazed by how God continues to fill the gap for us. Its no secret that living in the Silicon Valley has its challenges for the typical missionary. We had often heard that its "impossible" for us to raise the type of income we need to live here in the Bay Area. Thank God that He is the GOD OF THE "IMPOSSIBLE" (Luke 18:27).

    We have been missionaries in the SF Bay for almost 8 years now! What a testimony of God's faithfulness!!! To show you how faithful he's been... I want to give you a picture of our "God Gap" has looked like over the years.

    For some, this picture may seem overwhelming, stressful and even generate fear. If that is you, I want to say this.... His perfect love DRIVES OUT fear (1 John 4:18) and we walk in FREEDOM AND CONFIDENCE (Ephesians 3:12) because we have no doubt that he has called us here. Don't entertain fear or anxiety on our behalf. The reality is His yoke is easy and his burden is light (Matthew 11:29-30). Having full confidence in Him, His call and His purpose for us allows us to freely walk in His peace. We do everything we can do (as is our responsibility) BUT He is our provision and is the one who fills the gap because HE has called us here. So don't stress! Celebrate in His goodness with us. :)

    One of the things we are walking into, with our shift of having more time due to training and preparation, we are excitedly trying to fund raise to meet our monthly/annual goal. We are only seeing things move FORWARD with ministry and we believe that God wants to partner us with some amazing people who believe in the work that He is doing in the South Bay!

    THE GRAPH: We have had some incredible provisions through God's people which causes us to celebrate in so many ways. As per normal, we are constantly seeing people join in committed partnership for a season and then when their commitment in finished they either continue on for longer or wrap up their time with us. We've had some amazing people who have been on this journey with us for 10+ years! We are always amazed at people's generosity and belief in the thing God is doing across the world with this ministry. Often we see people commit for a smaller amount and give more, which is incredible! The graph shows what people have actually said that they've committed to us and then on the occasion they do give more, we rejoice in God's goodness. It is our goal to keep trying to meet our monthly/annual budget. 

    I'm constantly amazed at God's faithfulness. WE ARE STILL HERE! What??!! I mean, we moved here 8 years ago with a committed support base of $500/month and with not much more than a few belongings, the word of the Lord and a young family. We arrived in San Jose not really knowing anyone and all we were trying to do was just be obedient and have faith when everything looked too big for us. Fear, skepticism and unbelief tried many times to sneak into our lives, trying to distort the word of the Lord to us. But God was so gracious to help guide and reassure us in the midst of the noise. And like I said, WE ARE STILL HERE! All praise and Glory to Him who sustains us, even when we can't comprehend how He does... He is the God of the Impossible!

  • Prayer 

    We  NEED prayer! We are so aware that being here is a Spiritual battle. We have been fighting to stay in the Bay Area. We are not naive to the very real Spiritual presences in ministry.  We are looking for more prayer warriors to come alongside us and pray for us as we step into the "more" that God is calling us into.

    THE SPIRITS OF THE AIR (Eph 2): Fear, anxiety isolation, performance, materialism, abortion (ministries getting aborted early), unbelief and independence are just a FEW of the oppressive spirits that linger in here in the Valley. Because of this, we recognize the need to be covered in prayer. We need others to fight alongside us for Kingdom works here in the Bay Area. It is also our heart to constantly be looking through the lens of the Spiritual because our battle is not against flesh and blood (Eph 6:12). So we WELCOME your prayer commitment as well.

    How do we commit?

    We welcome your commitment to the ministry through either the giving of your financial recources or the gift of your time in prayer. Both of these things help continue the work of the Lord through us into the Bay Area and abroad.

    You can contact us directly (link under the Family button above) for regular annual gifts so that we can give you further direction or you can set up automated regular monthly gifts by clicking the Donate button (above). This can be set up through PayPal or Automated Clearing House (ACH). Details are in Link.

    Thank you for listening, celebrating with us and considering joining our team in whatever capacity you can. Many blessings!


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