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My first week in Greece. By, Kindi Haythorpe


The first week of Greece has been pretty good. In the morning we went to the refugee camp. We ran the kids program where all the kids come to get their energy out. There is no outside place for them to play here because they are in a big city. We try to create fun games for them. A lot of the kids like when we played WITH them. I think adults don't really play the same as kids do.

After the kids program, we went to help at a pottery class someone else was organizing. While we were creating things, some of the kids opened up and told us were they were from. On kid was from Syria. She was living here with her mom and her dad. She said that her sister was still in Syria. It is so sad to hear about all the families that are split up. She was about 7 years old.

We finished the pottery class pretty late. After that we went to get dinner. People don't eat dinner over here until 8:30 or 9pm.  In Greece, the food is so good!! We have been getting Gyros and they are so filling. They only cost $2! I can eat them all day!

The Next day (today) we went back to the camp. Our team ran the kids program. They asked if someone would organize the donations for the kids program so my dad said my mom would. My mom was in the storage room organizing all the stuff and I went in to help her for a bit. We labeled everything in English and in Greek. It was hard work because when you first walked into the storage room there was full shelves and toys up to your knees! Mom was supermom again and had it perfect by the end. The girl who asked her to do it said she almost cried when she saw it. She was so happy.

I played some more with the kids before we went home to have dinner. I can see how much these kids need some attention and love so I enjoy spending time with them.

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