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 Hi friends!

We are now nearing the final stretch of YWAM Ember Ink's second DTS in San Jose.  There has been much to celebrate as we look back over the first 4 months. We've been so honored to walk through lots of heart change and transformation alongside the students and see them serve on streets of San Jose. Our team has spent a lot of time serving and loving on those that are so often forgotten and living in a lot of pain and loneliness. With 2 months left, there is still so much road to travel.

In 2 weeks we head out on the global portion of outreach where the school and our family will be trekking to Athens, Greece to love and serve the population of Syrian refugees who are arriving day after day. Like many countries near surrounding Syria, Greece's refugee camps are bursting at the seams, with many refugees spilling out onto the streets of the cities near the camps.

Local YWAM and many different teams from all over have converged in Athens and other cities to provide help to the infrastructure that has been bending under the weight of new arrivals. Our team is ready and willing! We still have a lot of need as a group, if you have been wanting to know how to be involved in the global crisis of displaced peoples can I suggest a gift towards our team's expenses?

This outreach takes place the whole month of February. March will be mainly spent wrapping up the school, debriefing the students and sending them onto their next adventure.

Thank you for all your prayer and support for us to get to this point!

Luke and Angela

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