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God's provision

You know those times that "conveniently" you have the right people at the right time? Well, I don't believe those things are by chance but God's provision in his Sovereignty.

We have needed to revamp the backyard for around 2 years. We just haven't had the time or the energy to pull off something like that. Well, recently, we had a visitor (now a dear friend) who needed to stay while some things needed to get worked out. She has many skills but among them, landscaping experience. With her skill and my design, Luke didn't know what was hitting him. ;)

With some of the DTS arriving early, we had all the man power we
needed to turn a backyard jungle into the perfect space for DTS hang outs and family times. The kids are definitely outside A LOT MORE!

Don't you just love when God brings you a blessing when you weren't even looking for it! So thankful that He cares about, even when you don't see it happening and put it on the back burner. This yard is here to stay for a while!

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

Phil. 4:19

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