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UPDATE Sept 13th
While we are still believing for a home to be released for our family, a great short term option has come up for our short term needs which will enable us to run the school without adding the expense of a new house!! It also enables us to remain in our family home!

It has been a desire of our hearts to become more planted here in San Jose. It has been growing over the years and we are believing God to release a home for us as a family, to not just be renters but own.

So we are placing this need before the Lord and believing for Him to do what we cannot!

We are after a specific kind of property, one that has room for our immediate family with a little wiggle room to grow as well as plenty of space to entertain and host other guests and families.

We have been looking for something with multiple dwellings, either some apartments or multiple houses on some land. Over the past few years we have seen several possibilities come up on the market but we have not felt a peace about proceeding.

With the current reality of needing more property for our growing ministry it would make a lot of sense for us to use our current family home we are renting for accommodation for our staff and students.

Would you stand with us and believe with us for a property that would suit us? We have a sense God has the right one in mind. We don't have much of a clue of how to get it. What we are starting to do is gather pledges so if we are needing to put up a deposit to get a loan we will have a chance to purchase something.

The lowest price we've seen of something that would work was around $800,000, the highest end was 1.4.  Would you stand with us and believe? We've been carrying a rent of $3000, I don't think that would translate to a bank loan with a mortgage repayment of 3000 but if it did I would say on a conservative end we wouldn't qualify for much more than a $400,000 loan. I (Luke) am so open to help and wisdom if you would like to offer it!

Yes, it is a challenge! I speaking to my good friend who is a pastor in the city and the conversation was along the lines of we have to keep people who are called here. I realize many people need to leave because of the high cost of living, but for us it is our CALLING to be here!! This is how we are approaching it, so, stand with us and believe with us! HE is able to do GREAT things!!

In a timeline sense our DTS starts September 19th, if we cannot purchase something before then we will most likely rent another property but we are hopeful of a solution!!

Thanks for reading!


Luke and Angela

Points of Interest

Gifts under $14,000 attract no gift tax.
If you would like tax deductibility this can be complicated as we would need to pay income tax and it would look like our income would sky rocket so we are hesitant to receive too many donations at this time.

We are trying to raise as much as we can. Our initial goal is to raise $150,000 cash with as many low-interest/no interest loans as possible. If we were able to have someone co-sign or even help purchase would be great. We're not sure how, we are wanting to be proactive!

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