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My Summer Missions Trip. By, Joy Haythorpe
The first Mission trip with my Youth Group was to YWAM Gleanings.  We started out playing road games and having so much fun. It was so amazing just getting to know my team. In the beginning, we started out just waving and saying hi but through this trip we got to become really good friends. We traveled from San Jose to south Fresno.

When we got there, it smelt like hot sweat and manure together. It was so disgusting! We got all our cabins and unpacked our stuff and chose our beds. After we had dinner, the Gleanings staff introduced themselves. Then, we all had a great sleep.

The next day, I got ready in my work cloths, had conversations over breakfast and then we started work. We were supposed to help turn the ugly fruit the stores didn't want into dried fruit that could be sent overseas to the hungry.
When they showed us what to do, I thought that the best job for me was the “cup up”, which is when the pears are cut in half and you have to make sure they face up when you put the sod on it when it dries so no bugs will get in it. I did that job during the week. Although it was hard work and I was sweaty, I stilled enjoyed my time there. We had a great time. There were other groups there that we were able to meet. I got to know a lot of people in the other Youth Groups too.They were so fun to work with.

Then my Youth Director’s wife, asked me to get involved in worship. I agreed to sing and play the cajón, (which is also called a box drum). I felt honored that I could be included.

We worked a lot but we got to play a lot. We got to go swimming in the pool that they have and we had so much fun playing water polo. There was one night we dressed up to listen to the teachings. It was nice to get dressed up after being in work clothes all the time. After the teaching we had a prayer time. This was such a moving experience for most of the Youth Group. We started to pray and I felt the Holy Spirit fall on my like a crashing wave. Than I started to sob in tears. My friend Valerie and I hugged because we could both feel it. Before I knew it everyone started to gather and we cried together and hugged. The Holy Spirit moved us and as we felt led, we started to repent from the things we felt convicted of and after we started to Worship the Lord. Even now, when I think about it, I cry cause of how moving and present the Lord was in that moment. It was such a moment of the presence of our Lord and Savior.

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