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Help the Haythorpes get funded...(UPDATE)

Update. April 22nd 2016

Since its been about 6 months since my last update regarding our fundraising efforts, I'd thought I would update on our progress. We have actually seen quite a lot of transition within our support team. Some long-term supporters have needed to stop or decrease due to family changes and going into full-time missions. We celebrate with these dear friends. On the positive side we have seen new people join our team, we are grateful for your partnership and trust. While I did approach a handful of you, many of you reached out to me wanting to know our needs and offering to help. This was such a blessing and a huge encouragement to us.

Cold, Hard Numbers. (My wife hates numbers so she made some pretty graphics to illustrate the details)

We needed to adjust our end goal due to increased expenses, our rent was increased although it is still not outrageous compared to some. :) Our annual budget for our family in ministry is:


We currently receive $2,495 in committed monthly or regular amounts. This makes up $29,940 or 29% of our annual budget.

We currently receive $22,500 in committed annual donations, this makes up 22% of our annual budget.

Last year we received $36,425 in one-off gifts or responses to a shortfall or immediate need. This amount made up 35% of our budget.

Room for growth.
You will see overall last year we saw approximately 86% of our budget raised. This meant we were unable to put away any savings and scraped through the year.

Our first goal is to have 80% or more of our budget covered by committed regular donors, monthly or annually.

Our second goal would enable us to be in a position to own a home here in San Jose. We are believing God to release a home in His timing. Would you believe with us too?

Thank You for all of you who sow into our family in ministry. We cannot do it without you.

If you would like to commit to a regular amount even an annual commitment helps me to plan a little and focus on our work a little more. We would be so grateful. Even a little bit goes a long way.



Original Post

Hi there!

Well, since you you are reading this, I would love to give you a bit of background on us...

Since our big move over to California in 2009, we believe God has been leading, guiding, directing and journeying with us to establish a YWAM ministry center here in San Jose (YWAM Ember Ink). This endeavor, with our family driving it, has a heart to see people be connected to the love of Jesus, respond to Him and see transformation in individuals, communities and culture. We are able to see this become a reality through the various schools, programs, projects, events and outreaches we initiate, all from the YWAM Ember Ink family.

Our progress so far...
On our journey to this point we have been able set down what we believe are significant markers. Over the past 5 years we have been able to carve out a niche in ministry where we live in San Jose. We have also seen a growing network of relationships, both supporters and volunteers, join us over our first few years of ministry.

A rough timeline...

What is next...
Our next goal is to establish a platform to carry the future years and endeavors of YWAM Ember Ink, to train young people and birth new and effective ministries so more people are reached and touched by the love of Jesus. We believe that people primarily receive and know the love of Jesus through ‘us’, God’s children, and with this in mind we will actively continue to pursue and direct our efforts in this manner with an emphasis on relational ministry and hands on training.

The next Discipleship Training School is scheduled the fall of 2016.

Our Heart...
We are so grateful for the support and love poured out on us over these past 5 years. It is our joy to pass the love of Jesus along to the children, youth and families God has brought across our path. It is our desire and choosing to continue to build and grow what God has begun and to do this we are focusing our efforts over this next year in particular to establish and build His work in us and here in San Jose .

If you can imagine a mountain climber, she exerts a significant amount of effort to reach the summit. Along the way there will be several markers where she will halt, secure a stake or maybe even a small camp to rest up so she can continue the trek.

We believe at this point we, as a family and ministry are doing just that. After 5 years of perseverance and trekking we have seen God place us in a position where we have a stake in the ground as a ministry.

For us to continue to ‘Hold On’ to our stake in the ground we need your help. We cannot do it alone. This has been a bit of a battle cry for us this 'cannot do it alone'.

In this next season Angela and I believe to continue to ‘Hold On’ and secure these stakes as well as strengthen our core team to put us in a position to grow and thrive.

Will you partner with us? Will you partner with the vision and ministry we are currently doing here in San Jose?

Our Needs - As full-time workers within YWAM, we practice a life of dependance upon God for financial provision and we realize that comes primarily through His people. Not one person in YWAM is a paid employee, every person is responsible to raise their own finances.  This is a strong value for us as we try to live a life of community interdependance... please read more about it here.

You partnership will go towards our salary for the work we do as a part of Youth With A Mission. Our family Budget is $95,000 per year. This amount takes care of all of our living expenses and expenses related to our involvement with YWAM. We currently receive 40% of our salary in regular commitments with the rest coming through various one-off donations. Would you consider helping us get closer to our goal? 

(Update 12/27/15) Over the last 2 months we are now up to 62% of our annual income!! Thank You, please keep us in your prayers!

We have been faithfully praying that God will highlight mission-minded people that would be happy to invest into us as the people spearheading this ministry here in San Jose... Is that you?

Ways to respond. Be a part of our team.

We would welcome either a once off or monthly donation, to make a gift please click through to this site.  (Ideally, we'd love to have a stronger regular monthly income as each influx of bills come in.)

Stay in touch.
To sign up to receive our regular updates and needs please enter your email below.

Get the word out.
Would you consider sharing this need with someone who may be interested in donating? Maybe you have a small group or even a family member who would consider coming alongside our mission...

We are grateful for your consideration.


Luke and Angela Haythorpe

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