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Joy is leaving in 3 days!!

Hi Friends,

THIS Friday is the day when our team heads out to Honduras!  I'm feeling very excited about going to Honduras myself. Its just a few days! I'm the only youth who is going without parents so I feel like I'm growing up.

I am still trying to get money in for my trip. If you want drawing, hurry before I leave! You will need to order no later than 3pm TOMORROW! I am trying to get all the money I can to go.

Right now, I have $920 toward my trip. I'm almost at my $1500 goal!

If you have pledged, please don't forget!

Thank you for supporting me.

Joyous Haythorpe

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Below is a note on how to give:

You can give through PayPal to send Joy to Honduras.


cookies from the bake sale

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