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Be still my heart...

In about 3 days I'll be letting my eldest child embark on her first solo missions trip without me or Luke. This is truly a test of how much I really believe that I am merely a care taker of this precious child.

She is so sweet and innocent. She is bold and loves Jesus. What more could I ask for?

At age 11, I see her beginning to regularly exercise her own faith... not off the coat-tails of mom and dad's faith, but her OWN faith! I wonder what beautiful things will be birthed in that sweet heart of hers.

I remember being 11 years old, sitting in the church congregation when a missionary from Africa was the guest speaker. She spoke of her journeys, challenges and heart and I heard that small intimate voice inside calling me (young, 11 year old ME) to be a missionary. What a glorious thing to truly know that age does not matter in the Kingdom! BOTTOM LINE - He wants to capture our hearts so we will pursue His. How much more powerful to begin at a young age?!

So today, I choose to push any fear and anxiety away. I ask for you to join with me in praying for the future of this young woman stepping out in faith, learning about her King and walking toward Him. Stand and contend with me against harm, physical and spiritual. Pray for this momma whose heart is tender and still very human. Pray strength, hope and truth over me as I trust a little deeper in the Lord.

I know God sees her MORE precious than I could ever know or express, so I'll take a leaf out of Joy's book and exercise my faith in a new way and trust the one who has all of us in His hands.

Thank you for praying!

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The Haythorpes


This is beautiful!! I'll be praying Xox

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