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Always Faithful.

On Monday night we gathered to pray as a family. We shared where we were at with the kids as well as what we believe God was speaking about Mom and Dad going to Australia for YWAM Together.

They shared their hearts, we shared ours. They shared their fears, we prayed together, standing together as a family in unity. Because, this isn't just Mom's call or Dad's call. God called ALL of us, as a family to this kinda life. Sure, one day they will leave on their own adventure but for now we are a unit. One.

As we prayed we got words together. God gave Kindi a picture of a rake. Joy then shared that she saw God use that rake to gather all the leaves into one big pile. The picture is such a snapshot of what we believe God is doing with us in this season, raking us back into the pile, refreshing us and renewing our hope in him.

The other thing I proposed and shared with our family is that God desires for us to be generous. I recently had an email from another family in missions that were trying to get to the conference too. So, in obedience to Jesus, we emptied our account as we had a sense that this was a pre-emptive tithe. We were meant to tithe on money we hadn't received yet! So cool. And kinda fun. Such a release came as we sensed that Jesus was in this. Logic would say, 'WHY!' Faith would say, 'YES!' I'm not bashing logic, we try and use it at all times, but faith comes first.

As we slept last night we received HALF of what we needed to go. Super encouraging, but I had a clear word to not proceed buying anything until we had the full amount. I've also been letting go of things like judging, cynicism, these traits had crept in my heart and I know God was using the vulnerable place we have been in to deal with my heart.

This morning some dear friends who are so supportive and like-minded had a sense to cover the remaining difference with what does not come in by lunchtime tomorrow (Wed). Now, I really don't want them to cover it, but they are ridiculous, faith-filled people who have been a constant encouragement to us through the years. In fact, Angela was staying with them when we heard the call to leave our life as we knew it and step our of the boat. It just all is so meaningful and significant.

They enjoy the adventure of seeing God provide in every area of their lives. It would be sacrificial, but when sacrifice is tied to obedience and love, well, we all know how that plays out. The greatest act of all time was when Jesus, through obedience and love, sacrificed his life for ours.

I just booked our tickets. Thanks for your prayers and standing with us. Love you all.

Lets not put God in a box. He is everything.

Luke and Angela

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