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Thank you for joining us on this journey. For almost every adult person I know, finances are the #1 stress point in their lives. It is easy for our eyes to bug out and to feel anxious and panic about how everything will work out.

 Stress and anxiety regarding finances a temptation for us too!

However, as we are transparent with varying needs and as you read them, I want to remind you that ultimate provision comes from the Creator God. He has all of us in the palm of His hand! Isn't that incredible?!!

We are so grateful that we have been serving in San Jose for more than 10 years!! That is a beautiful MIRACLE in itself! Thank you for helping serve the marginalized in our city and see young people come alive with Jesus! You are a true instrument of His grace, provision and faith! We are grateful for your generosity and partnership!



We currently have around 60% of our yearly budget committed to, it's never an exact science but as funding ebbs and flows we are always working to keep the fundraising steady. What you see below is opportunities to contribute towards things that are pressing or things we are believing for. 

For us it has been our faith gap! This is the gap we are not only believing to be filled but what we are actively working towards getting filled. Ultimately, we celebrate God's faithfulness in His CALLING us here and KEEPING us here as full-time missionaries to San Jose, California! 

URGENT NEEDS (Dec 8th 2021)

We are needing BIG breakthru. Please stand with us! We're believing God for a BIG breakthru, like a big one! We're praying for another $70k to come in this year. We've accrued some debt, due to our needs growing and are definitely underwater and trusting for a BIG breakthrough.

Would you be praying for us? We have no doubt in God's Goodness. However, we do need a team to be praying for us, our partners and future partners as we journey on Kingdom efforts together! Thank you.



  • Goal $5000/month to meet Ang's annual salary 
(To read more click the thermometer).

Please consider making commitment to help us reach our goal. 

Give online HERE... oHERE... , you will just need to indicate your PREFERENCE is for it to go towards The Haythorpes. These donations are tax-deductible. 


Due to the urgent nature of some requests, you can give via PayPal to or bank deposit. 

Direct one-time gifts of non-tax-deductible nature can be dropped of 
in downtown San Jose directly to the Haythorpes.
Please email for more information.

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