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End of Year Financial Update


I hope this letter finds you well. My desire in writing to you as a part of our team, is
to provide you with
a snapshot of the state of our financials as a family. It is important
for us to walk in transparency as to engender trust as well as inspiring hope as we walk out our faith journey as a family following Jesus’ call on our lives.

Since 2010 our family has been pioneering a new location of YWAM called Ember Ink. Sprouting out of YWAM’s long term presence in the San Francisco Bay Area we are seeing YWAM Ember Ink become for established and gain more traction in San Jose.

2014 saw a lot of firsts…. our first DTS and our first year long Apprenticeship. Amongst these exciting new beginnings we were thrust back into the reality of what a full plate pioneering really is. We were able to limp over to Australia due to the graciousness and generosity of our family. As we’ve had a moment to breathe, sit down, reflect and look at the next few years ahead,  Angela and I realize - that while we have loved this crazy adventure - it has really taken quite a toll on us physically and emotionally. We are getting better about laughing and not stressing. The big thing our conversations revolve around is being unified before we are creative. 

As we reflect, we have identified that in this particular vocation there are lots of pressure points that might be unusual to most people as we live a little bit different. But, like most, we feel stretched out of our comfort zones REGULARLY. Being stretched has helped shape and grow us as as a family unit in missions but some things have really taken its toll on us. 

The major pressure point we have felt wear on us is the fact we have lived in a month-to-month state with finances. Planning life like this has been difficult, so we generally end up absorbing the physical and emotional stress of it as a family.

We have learnt so much being in such a consistent vulnerable place. We now let people into our lives much easier than before and our faith in who God is has grown so much. However, for us to continue with YWAM we know we need to step up and meet the challenge and goal of being fully funded.

A concern Angela and I have had is continually communicating the financial state and while it is important for us to be open it can detract from and distract us from the task at hand. 

I hope this snapshot is encouraging to you as you read this, whether you are just observing or are fully involved in our journey in ministry. Our hope through all of our trials and challenges, failures and successes is that people would be inspired to walk in faith no matter what that looks like. Our path doesn’t look like yours but all summed up, we are all a part of God’s redemption story for this earth.

Current Financial State.
The annual budget is $102,600. This is our current goal to reach. The amount covers all of the projected and anticipated needs. This is taking into account next year, and while it may swell or decrease, we believe it is a fair and accurate figure. 

This past year, through different avenues of provision, $81,000 came in to cover ministry costs. What a year!! I’m honestly astonished. I think it is easy to focus on the shortfall but to see the regularity and generosity of God’s provision from many different sources… it completely blows my mind. A reality of this type work, is that we have people end their donation commitments. Some of these people have stopped permanently and others have had to due to hardship. There is such a gratefulness for all! Love, encouragement, and belief exudes from each person in gift, prayer and word. It has been a privilege to have each person as a part of this journey with us.

The hope is to raise a little over half of the annual budget through regular gifts. Currently, 25% of this amount is received through monthly donations. Another 55% is received through annual donations and one-off gifts. This past year, a number of people gave in response to an urgent need or a specific project. 

The goal over the next few months is to add another 25 regular partners to raise this to 60% of the annual budget. This will be a much healthier situation financially. While seeing 80% come in this year was fantastic, it has provided quite a bit of strain particularly as funds dried up near the end of the year.

A huge amount of income this year has come through extraordinarily generous individuals and churches who last year combined to give $57,000. 30% of this was given anonymously!!  We are so appreciative of all who give to ministry, whether large or small, we recognize that many parts make up the body. We hope to faithfully pursue God’s call as you faithfully help as the Lord impresses. 

As more monthly and annual/one-off partners are added, it is our hope to meet the annual budget over the next few months! We have some additional hopes as more is contributed to YWAM Ember Ink’s mission and fundraising goals. One goal this year is to reach $102,000 per year before the summer. This could be met with another 20-25 donors joining our support team.

The Point.

I guess our heart is to keep moving forward in ministry. We are being continually stripped of our pride as we walk this journey. We are so excited yet daunted at the challenges facing us. Some of the challenges over the past month have added numerous grey hairs to our heads but we KNOW that God is up to something and we believe to walk unhindered into His promises and the inheritance He has in place.

As we work hard to establish a ministry that lasts, is fruitful, that produces good, strong leaders, we know that we need to lead out in example.

We try to get around to thank everyone but I know sometimes we miss you. We are putting some measures in place that will hopefully show our appreciation more.

Please be praying for us as we seek first His Kingdom.

Love you all so much.

Luke & Angela

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