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So glad for a simple Christmas!

With 2 trips overseas and a very dry financial season, we have been stretched to be super creative for Christmas. From a cardboard tree to homemade gifts, it has proven to be one of the more fun and innovative Haythorpe Christmases yet!

This Christmas season, I have to admit, that we realize what a beautiful community of friends we have around us. My kids never once felt like they missed out...

We had fun together as we created this cardboard tree. It allowed us to be creative and the kids LOVED unleashing the various types of duck tape! We enjoyed just creating as a family and thinking outside of the box, especially with a trip to see family in Australia on the horizon.

We've felt incredibly blessed as we had DTS students and family members make or give gifts for each of the kids. Xie scored a knitted shark hat, and a golden goodwill find of a shark shirt. He was happy. One of the DTS students made jewelry for the girls and grandma made sock snowmen. They were all on cloud nine! To be honest, the $5 Santa gifts were just a bonus. The "magic" snow that doesn't melt was just to add to the effect. ;)

This Christmas, we celebrated the beautiful gift of Jesus and his extravagant entrance in the simplest life. As we enjoyed our simple Christmas, we were consciously aware of the simplicity modeled by the King of Kings and embraced the practice of generosity with what we had.

So glad our Saviour is glad with just us... and nothing else. Merry Christmas!

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