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Video update??

Whenever I sit down to write I struggle to put down into words what my heart and mind wants to say.
I don't seem to struggle verbally so I'm going to do a bit of a family and ministry update
this morning, don't be to shocked by my haggard appearance and grey beard :) Luke is getting old, haha! Sorry there are no attractive Haythorpes in the mix! Maybe next time!!

I'll write a few dot points before the video as you can see some of the things I will attempt to cover. I have a quiet house this morning as the DTS is up doing lectures on Hearing the Voice of God in San Francisco and the children are at school :)

So, i'll be talking a little about:

1. What the past few months have looked like with our first staff apprenticeship (A year long program to help develop aspiring leaders) and our first DTS (a 5 month program encouraging young people in their walk with Jesus and see them grow in their relationship with Him)

2. Our upcoming outreaches to South Africa. We will be taking the whole family for a portion of the time. We are believing God for a fun journey of faith and trusting in him with our children. We are all excited to see how He will provide. Lately we have been so encouraged by our children stepping out in faith. Joy led her first time of worship last week and is hearing God and getting words for people. So beautiful. I'm excited to take this on the road!!

3. Our hopes and needs over the next season. It looks like we can get over to Australia for a VACATION, how cool is that. I love my beautiful, generous family in OZ. We'll be gone for the majority of January so we are REALLY looking forward to that!

Thanks for checking it out!

Much Love,


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