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Taking my incredible family on outreach.

This is a moment in time I have been dreaming about.

A few weeks ago I taught the 4th/5th grade class at my church. Yes, I get to teach on Sunday :) So much fun. A lot scarier than being up on stage in front of adults!!

Anyways, that is not important. As I cleaned up the room and prepared for the next influx of children I heard something. And as I walked down the hallway, I saw this.

I teared up. To see this beautiful little girl, my little girl, singing her heart out to Jesus, after all she has been through lately, absolutely broke me. Coming off a difficult and confusing year which included some pretty heartbreaking bullying and generally negotiating life with a pretty crazy family Joy is beginning to identify Jesus as a personal and real help makes my heart so full.

This is what we get to take to South Africa. We don't just travel for the sake of it. Our family is all in. We are learning how to apply our faith in the lives we live. Whether at home or abroad.

If you are in the midst of raising a family to love Jesus, what gifts can you begin to encourage in them?


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