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Youth Street Adventures

Well, what to say about Youth Street?!?!

One of our goals when we started running events for Youth Street was to have at least
10 regular children attend by the end of the year.  As I write we have just entered December and we already are seeing 20+ children attend and it is growing every day.  The 'crew' as we call them are inviting their friends and it is rapidly expanding.  It is so great to see them getting loved on by all the 'Youth Street' staff.

For me, it has been such a wonderful experience starting 'Youth Street'. Again.  When we started Youth Street in Townsville, Australia eight years ago, it was so encouraging to see many of the crew grow in confidence and find and strengthen their personal relationship with Jesus.  We saw families transformed and reconciled, YS became such an important part of the community in Townsville and still thrives to this day!  Starting 'Youth Street' here in San Jose is the beginning of an exciting journey of seeing God breakthrough and transform the lives of many of these children and their families.  It doesn't matter who we are or where we are from, all that matters is that we ALL need Jesus present in our lives.

As we close this year out we have 2 more Youth Street events.  As we head into the coming year we really want to start 'Youth Street' on a weekly basis.  There are some roadblocks to smash through though.  I'll list them below so you can be praying for us!!

1. We need a facility.  This will not only serve Youth Street but also YWAM Ember Ink as a whole as we are quickly outgrowing our current office space (In our home!!) If you can help us move into a facility we would appreciate anything you could offer.

2. Youth Street staff.  Staci, our Youth Street Co-ordinator has been doing a fabulous job managing and recruiting volunteers and gathering crew.  What we do need however, is new YWAM staff to join us full-time to join our 'Youth Street' team.  We hope to add at least 2 new staff to our team in March.  Please be praying for God to release the right additions to our team!!

3. Fund a crew.  We do not want to turn anyone away.  As a result of this we are offering Youth Street at a low cost, its actually free at the moment!!  We estimate it costs us approx $10 a crew per week at the moment.  If you want to make a tax deductable donation before the end of the year please click here and give towards Youth Street!!  Thanks!!

4. Give towards a vehicle.  This is a massive, pressing need and one that once we have it will be an amazing blessing for our ministry.  Currently we have been using our personal cars but need something larger to transport crew around in.  We are hoping to at least get one 12-15 seater vehicle ASAP, and our hope is to get a second by the spring!! If you would like to make a tax-deductable end of year donation we are after approximately $15,000 - $20,000 for a gently used, fairly new passenger van.  We are also open for a vehicle donation, please contact me if you think you can help!!  You can reach me at for more info on what we need.  To make a secure end-of-year donation click here.

Thanks for considering our needs!!

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The Haythorpes


Luke & Ange,
What a great story about youth street growing so rapidly and suddenly. Staci is a keeper!
Mark PH

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