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Summer Adventures

We're finally home!!! It is SO SO good to lay in our own beds again. In just over 2 weeks we saw over 50 loved ones, 2 countries,
drove 3100+ miles, hit 1 deer, had 2 major car malfunctions, painted a barn and a few sick kids... I would venture to say this has been a FULL holiday. 
A few weeks ago we headed out for a summer holiday. Little did we know that we were actually embarking on a big adventure! 

We have a LONG history of road trips... that's the Haythorpe way! :) This time.... 


Adventure 1: Everything started out well, we were about an hour on the road until Luke had a gentle impression upon him... "Passports"
       Solution: Turned around, picked up passports, move on. On the road again...

  Adventure 2:  
We were very glad we have AC in the car because the temps outside the car were over 100 degrees (F). But as we drove along, the temp dropped to under 60 degrees (F) in under an hour! What?!?! Then it began to rain HEAVILY and the wind kicked up. Before we knew it, we were getting weather warnings on our phone with travel advisories. 
       Solution: Stop for the night (Location B).
Although initially we looked at it as a setback, we were instantly thankful once we learned we missed a mudslide by MINUTES! It happened JUST after we passed apart of the highway! We stopped at the first hotel off the freeway as to not go too far into town. Conveniently, it happened to be Circus-Circus in which the kids thoroughly enjoyed as they had a mini-circus every half hour. They loved it!

Adventure 3: On the road again...  The kids, although sad to leave, were good sports and we were off in the EARLY hours of the morning. After quite a long day of driving, Luke asked me to drive. After a kid potty break (which takes a LOT longer with 4 kids than you think) I hopped behind the wheel and drove onto the freeway. As I was driving the steering didn't feel quite right. I changed lanes a few times... "Luke, I think its locked up a bit". Luke offered that it could be because I hadn't really driven with all the weight in the car. We had gone back and forth for a minute or two when all of a sudden the BATTERY LIGHT started to flash. I was getting nervous and wasn't so confident in my driving abilities so I told Luke it was his turn to drive again (I was on the road less than 15min). When I went to get off the freeway, it was VERY evident that the steering wheel was locking up. To park I had to turn into a side street and it took the two of us to turn. I think the lady who was waiting to turn left from the street we were turning onto was about to have a heart attack seeing a huge Suburban having a hard time turning headed right toward her! We all survived with no accidents. 

We found ourselves broken down somewhere in Idaho (Location C) at 8pm on July 3rd (Wed). We called every mechanic in the book... we quickly realized we'll probably stuck in Idaho until Monday as its the 4th of July weekend. We were trying to be in Canada on the 4th. :/
      Solution: Pray.
Well, "luckily" we happened to park near an Auto Parts store. Luke (having found our fan belt broke) went to go buy that part before the store closed. He spoke to someone who worked there and although they aren't suppose to leave the store, the guy came out and helped us. He said he had a friend who could come and fix it for u.s And although I was very skeptical, he contacted his friend who fixed the car (without charging us)! There were many miracles along the  way.... even an Auto Parts store staying open over an hour past closing so we could get the part we needed!
 We drove a little and stopped for the night.

CANADA! Day 3 we made it to Canada! (Location D) We had an AMAZING TIME in Canada. We saw friends we hadn't seen in years and enjoyed catching up on life. What a great time. We stayed on a friends farm. The kids rode a horse. We helped them paint their barn. What a fun little reunion. :)

Adventure 4: On the road again... After our time in Canada, we thought we'd take advantage of the opportunity and see a few friends on our way home.  We stopped in Montana (Location E) for a few days with some friends and headed to Seattle. On our way, we were driving through the mountains. Out of nowhere a deer runs in front of our car. Luke slowed down enough that he just clipped the hind legs of the deer. We were all ok. I don't think the deer was ok and unfortunately our car was damaged.              
      Solution: Keep on moving...

Adventure 5: Not long after we hit the dear (less than 10 min) we had a few sick kids. 
      Solution: BUCKETS!  
We had buckets through the car for the sick ones and after many stops we made it to our destination (Location F). Had a few more days with some more friends.

Adventure 6: LAST LEG! Or so we thought... We quickly learned that due to the deer encounter, the headlights don't work. :(
        Solution: Although, so very close to home... or solution was to get a hotel room (Location G)
For our last stop, we had a lovely hotel room at the base of a mountain/volcano. This was a hit with kids as the hotel had an indoor pool. We enjoyed swimming in the evening hours.

The next morning we made our way home... Now, can you see why it was SO SO good to lay in our beds? WW WERE HOME! And we are so grateful for our summer adventure. :)

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