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DTS Outreach - Update 5

Our team is now in Vietnam. Would appreciate some prayer as they will not be in a lot of communication over the next couple
of weeks, due to the sensitive nature of work there. Here is the last update I got from them:

The Coach = God  (Its a coded email due to it being in Vietnam).

Hello from Hanoi,

Having spent the last couple of days saying goodbye to both our new friends in Thailand and our friends headed to Ho Chi Minh, we are all excited for what the coach has for us.

Vietnam is definitely different than Thailand! The traffic here is unlike anything that any of us have ever seen or experienced. Since arriving, I've seen only 3 traffic lights as most drivers tend to just "go with the flow." Most people take motorbikes everywhere and slip in between each other and cars to get to where they're going! (They also carry all sorts of stuff on the bikes from children, to chickens to goldfish!) In order to get across the street one must simply take a deep breath, summon all their courage and just start walking. As you walk, the motorists will zip all around you at high speeds and as long as you maintain your speed, you will be okay! Don't STOP!

Starting out here, we have friends doing different things. One set of friends will be spending time getting to know the area and talking with the coach, and the second will be spending time with new friends teaching English and building relationships with workers here.

May the coach keep you forever in the game!

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