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DTS Outreach - Update 4

Some more news from the team in Thailand:

God filled our last full week in Bangkok with amazing times in ministry. We started the
week by visiting a school in a local slum, where we lead the children in song and dance. It was a great opportunity to bring joy into their lives and we had a wonderful time practicing our limited Thai while they practiced their English. After that, we visited Christian families in another slum community, where we heard their testimonies and prayed with them. Please keep these families in your prayers and ask God to continue to encourage and sustain them in their efforts to glorify Him and lead their friends and neighbors to Christ.

This week, the ARK International (a child advocacy ministry) team created and hosted five different children’s programs in two different slum communities. We wrote and performed skits based on stories from the Bible, joined the kids in crafts, taught songs and dances, served snacks, and prayed over the kids and their communities. Each program involved planning the activities, visiting the slum communities to invite and pick up the kids, the actual program time, and finishing the day by bringing the kids home and cleaning up. We spent time helping clean up the rubble of a older woman’s home that burned down earlier in the week. On Friday night, we spent the night in a local church that serves as a beacon of light in an industrial neighborhood of bars and brothels that has an escalated human trafficking problem. We met Blah, who shared with us her story and vision of bringing the local youth to Jesus. Please keep her in your prayers, as she serves as the pastor of her church (the only one in a large area) and has adopted four neighborhood children into her home.

The BJD (a university ministry) team started our week by spending time on the university campus inviting students to the week’s events, which included a night of worship and prayer and “Family Night,” a night of fellowship for university students. Our team was able to lead a special time of worship with the students as well as perform our skit. We also visited a local high school for a sports day and an English Language center, where we practiced conversational English with the students. On Saturday morning, we attended an event in honor of National Children’s Day, where a team of us lead 600 people in song!

Here’s a cool God story for the week:

One of the long-term missionaries we’ve partnered with shared with us that several of the people who saw us perform our skit on New Year’s Day have been talking about it non-stop. She told us that one woman in particular, who had never been receptive to the Gospel before, was now talking to her about the Light of the World and the meaning of the skit. God is truly blessing the ministry to which He’s called us. It’s amazing! Please pray for this woman that she would continue to question the things around her and eventually receive Jesus as her Savior.

This coming week, we’re finishing up our time with ARK and BJD and moving on to our next location. Please pray for safe travel!

One of our students left us this week due to a family tragedy. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Thank you for your prayers and for partnering with us in ministry.

Until next time,
San Francisco Fall 2012 DTS

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