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DTS Outreach - Update 3

Our team is now in Thailand! Here is what they have said since their arrival:

Sawasdee Khrap!

This is a common way of saying hello
in Thailand. Having arrived safely after a tiring 30 hours of travel, the group is thoroughly enjoying Thailand. Although the hot weather and high humidity keeps us in constant search of AC, we all love to slow down and enjoy this wonderful unique culture .
InThailand there are some interesting differences from even the most conservations of homes in the US. For example a boy and a girl should never be alone or talk alone even in a larger group. Such scandalous activities are reserved for married couples. Another interesting fact of Thai culture is the reverence of the body . The head is considered almost sacred  and should never be touched by someone else or reached over. While the feet are a stigma .pointing  the bottom of your feet at someone is the american equivalent of flipping someone off. The team is  slowly getting used to these culture differences, hoping to be faultless by the time we begin our ministries.

We will be beginning our ministries of ARK and BJD this next week. ARK is a program where we will be working and playing  with kids.showing just a piece of the urgent love the father has for them.
BJD is a group focused on a discipline and witnessing to the college aged students.

Lastly before this update is over we all should take a moment and praise God for his amazing providence . Most of the money required to allow our fellow student to come overseas came in within the last few ours of the deadline and our departure. Our loving lord loves us to the moon and back and He will always provide when we are in accordance with his will.

We ask that you continue to pray for us as we go out and spread the good news.


Happy New Year!

From all of us here in Thailand to you, may your new year be filled with blessings. Although we're all sad that we couldn't spend the changing of the year with our families, we had a fun time of fellowship with some of the YWAM Thailand staff. They made a traditional home-cooked meal for us and we all ate, talked, and worshiped to the wee hours of the morning. The fireworks show here was extraordinary!

Because most of the country is on holiday for the new year, we spent this week with our ministries helping with odd jobs around the bases, preparing for the upcoming year's ministry opportunities. We put together bunk beds, cleaned, and painted murals. On New Years Day, we went into a local community and gave the children coloring and activities books and joined in a neighborhood dance party in celebration of the day. It was a wonderful peek into Thai culture, and we had a lot of fun experiencing their traditions. We also toured a local school and performed the skit we've been practicing since before we left San Francisco.

This coming week, we'll get a chance to meet the local children and university students we'll be serving for the duration of our stay. We're excited! Please keep this upcoming opportunity to share God's love in prayer.

Thank you!
DTS Team

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