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DTS Outreach - Update 1

We sent our DTS on Outreach last week. They're serving in Los Angeles for 3 weeks then off to Thailand. Here is an update on
how things are going for them!


Greetings from Los Angeles! Our first week of outreach has been filled with many exciting adventures. We are staying and working with a local ministry called Oasis of Hollywood, right in the heart of Hollywood.

Oasis focuses on urban evangelism, as well as serving and discipling the local youth. We've been working with them in a program called Kidz Klub, where we go to public elementary schools and host an after school program based off of “morally uplifting” stories (or as most of us will recognize them, bible stories). This provides an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel and Jesus with kids who have never heard of God. Another program we're involved with is Club Zion, a night for 12- to 19-year-olds to dance, play games, eat free food, and hang out in a Christ-honoring environment. This time is mainly focused on building relationships with these kids and showing them the love of Jesus. We have also been doing quite a bit of street outreach, building our boldness and sharing the Gospel with our new neighbors.

Everyone has heard the wild tales about some person's aunt's neighbor's grandson getting healed before, right? We don’t deny it, because that would be calling someone a liar, but we do tend to dismiss it quickly. “God rarely does such things,” right? Well, have we got a story for you! One of our students here has a long time problem with her knee and she cannot push it very hard without fear of lasting side effects. During an afternoon at Kidz Klub, she hurt her knee to the point of barely being able to walk due to pain. We all gathered around her and prayed. She stood up, and the pain was gone. We cannot take any credit for the healing, all we can do is boast all the more gladly in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you, God!    - Stephen, on behalf of the team

This has been such a fun and exciting trip so far. It's so strange to think we have only been here for one week. My favorite part of this outreach so far has been Club Zion where I got to practice some of my dance moves! ;) We have had so many wonderful opportunities to work along side Oasis of Hollywood, as Stephen described earlier. We are so blessed to be right in the heart of Hollywood and evangelize to some MOVIE STARS!
Thank you for your prayers!!!!

Much love, the DTS

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