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The DTS has begun!

We have been fighting for the Discipleship Training School (DTS) for over year! It has been a LABOR of love and its finally started!

The DTS is a 6 month course designed to help you understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus and identify your unique gifts and purpose. It trains you to share the love of Jesus all over the world, particularly among those people where He is least known.

We're just finishing our first month of the school. We've combined the Ember Ink school with YWAM San Francisco school with a total of 15 students. We are so pleased to get to know each one of them.

So far, all of the Ember Ink staff has had an opportunity to share or teach on the DTS.  We're breacking up the DTS into teams in which they can serve in San Jose or San Francisco. We're finding this very helpful as we are looking at the Bay Area as a whole.

After the lecture portion of the school (3mo) the students will leave for a practical service time which we call outreach (3mo). We give the students opportunity to put into practice the things they are learning by demonstrating the heart of Jesus. The locations for outreach are Los Angeles, then Thailand, then Vietnam. They'll be headed out in November and we look forward to sharing what is happening with them. :)

We have the option to go (or not) on outreach this school because we have lots of staff. We've decided to not go this school because of this past year being so crazy and would like to have time to settle in. One of us may go visit the team overseas but we'll decide closer to the time.

Continue to keep us all in your prayer as we dive into God and see what he has for the lives of these amazing students.

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