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Halloween/Neighborhood Research

This Halloween, we transformed our home into a Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

As we continue to investigate
our neighborhood to see what needs there are, we thought we'd use a little creativity in seeing first hand how many kids lived here. So we stocked up on candy, thought up a theme... and got to work!

With some of us in costume and others painting and decorating we came up with quite a show. Cars drove by a little slower past our house and we had a LOT of visitors! So much so, that we ran out of candy VERY QUICKLY. :)

The night wasn't a bust though, we saw a couple of hundred kids and parents come through. We had our pictures taken with some families and had people use our set up as a photo op. :) We have so many more ideas for next year on how to actually reach out to the community! It was a great time of discovery in our neighborhood and we're super excited for next year!

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