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Moving Miracles

It has been a very difficult year with floating from place to place. In the beginning, we had some time in  San Francisco which was really
great for us to connect with our YWAM Bay Area family and have a chance to serve one another. However, our need to get back to San Jose was growing as we moved from house-sitting jobs to family, in and out of San Jose.

We continued to look for a place that would house our family and possibly a few staff but nothing seemed to be working out. Finally we found a place! It is just minutes out of downtown in a simple neighborhood. The residents here are 90%+ Hispanic and we love it!

This truly is a miracle as we has a ton of obstacles in our way... we can't wait until things like this get easier! Does that ever really happen? ;)

We've been adjusting well as the kids are in school and we make the house more of a home for us. I (Angela) have realized I need to brush up on my Spanish and Luke and the kids need to learn it. As I tried to talk to one of the women here, she quickly made that face like I was from Mars as I tried so desperately to communicate in my broken Spanish.... I guess the 10 years in Australia did NOT help me in this.

On the plus side, we have amazing Mexican food everywhere you look and we have enough room for one Ember Ink staff to live and have a temporary Ember Ink office. The kids are happy to be settling... finally! And they are loving the constancy of school. They aren't too big on the homework though.

So far, we've found our property manager to be fantastic. He's fun and witty which we like and is super helpful. We are exploring this area more and more and will continue to be deliberate in finding out the needs in this neighborhood.

We're very excited to see why God plopped us down here for this season, so stay tuned...

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