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March 2012 Update: House Appeal

A Note from Angela

Hi Friends!

Well, this past few weeks have had very big ups and downs for us. As you know,
we have been believing God to give us a house for our family. 

We’ve been looking at what possibilities are out there to see what kind of money we need to raise... And so we found the house we thought was perfect. It was exactly what we need and wanted. So we began putting the word out that we found “the one”. The next week, it SOLD and was now off the market. 
A little crushed, yet trusting God that He might have something better, we just let it go. I won’t lie... our faith was slowly fading as the mountain looked a little bigger after that. 

 By God’s grace only, He started bringing about the right people to lend a bit of faith to us in our time of weakness. So we have been praying and just basking in who God is and his glory.
I woke up 3 nights ago at 2am. I just had this overwhelming sense of faith for the house that had just sold. I prayed for that house specifically (which I tend to guard my heart from so I don’t get too attached). I prayed that He would do a miracle and I even prayed for more money to offer the new owners to see if they would sell it to us and make a profit... I just had a real sense of faith for that house. So, I’ve been praying every day for that house.
This morning we had 5 friends from Canada visiting... my mind was far from the house, it was more on getting breakfast organized and making sure there were enough towels for all the showers. Then Luke said excitedly, “The house is BACK ON the market.” He just had this thought to search the address for that house online at that moment. ... ... ... WHAT?!?! The house I’ve been specifically praying for?!?!! I won’t lie, my faith has increased at least 10xs since I heard that. What could God be up to? So, we’re praying!!
Friends... I cannot tell you enough how good, gracious and faithful our God has been to us over our years in ministry. I know that surely THIS is not too far out of reach. We just know it!
I am humbly, excitedly and prayerfully submitting this to you... I ask for you to consider what you can do to help see this happen. Would you be apart of this miracle? We need to see about $600,000 to buy this house. 
Of course, we’d love to see this money fall out of the sky... heck, I’ve even prayed that God would have someone ‘gift’ us this house... but I understand that He likes to do things as we are open and vulnerable, not self-sufficient and having (not only trust) but faith that He will do as He says. Asking people to help is my vulnerable place. I think everyone likes to give off the impression that they have it together (especially me). I’m always concerned about being those missionaries who always “need money”. But what He’s asking me to do is step out. You know, the way that's so uncomfortable and obviously out of your control. He delights in the fact that we are just a family listening, believing, trying to understand and be obedient to Him.
So, with that, please pray!! PRAY!! Pray for us as we hear Him, trust Him and continue to lay it all at his feet.... Give. GIVE!! If you feel compelled in the Spirit to, or if you just want to help with the need. He is faithful as you step out too!
Thank you all for being apart of this! I’m so excited to see what could happen over the next 2 weeks... because that's when I believe it will all come in!
Love you all,


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The Haythorpes


Love this story Ange! Praying with you guys and following along to see it all unfold. xxo

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