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Be Apart of our Story

So I, Angela, have not written about our current venture because frankly, it scares the snot out of me! (excuse
the non-ladylike expression) However, this is something I’d like you to take the time to read, so I do genuinely appreciate your time...

“What are we doing?” you might ask.

Well, we are believing for a house! Meaning, raising a hefty amount of money so we can BUY one outright.

“Seriously?!” you might say.

And I respond with, SERIOUSLY!

It has been quite the “journey” of getting to this place and if you want to see the craziness of how we got here... then I encourage you to go read our blogs on This Ridiculous Life. Each story has been a roller-coaster of emotion, hearing, obeying and having faith for things... but mostly its an overall picture of God’s faithfulness in our lives.

“Why buy a house?” might be your question.

We know that we are called to San Jose for a number of years. This is the place the Lord spoke to us.... no question. However, we’ve been living in transition for almost 4 years and we feel its time to settle. Its time to put a stake in the ground and get on with it.

Family-wise, getting a home means we’ll have a permanent address and will be able to get help from the school district for Levi's speech therapy and get Xavier the testing he needs to confirm if he is actually on the Autistic scale (We already started the process before moving last time, but have to start again in a new district). It means we can unpack every last box and even hang pictures on the wall! But more importantly, it means my children don't have to feel unsettled every time a lease runs out... and when we travel, we will have a home base to come back to.

“So what does this particular story look like?” you might be wondering.

Honestly, its unknown and thats what scares the snot (sorry) out me. Is this actually going to happen? I sure hope so! We need a breakthrough... we’re believing for this!
Currently we are living in San Francisco which is a long hop, skip and a jump away from San Jose. We are aching to get back there! Our desire is to be back there in March.

“March?! Are you guys CRAZY!” is a common response.

Of course we are... how did you not know that before? ;) 

Seriously though, this is in the Lord’s hands. He’s called us there and he has to be the one to get us back there, even if its only weeks or even days from now. Our eyes shift to Him as He is the only one to make the impossible, possible. 

To be honest, even though it can sometimes look overwhelming and scary, its also very exciting! There has been a buzz in the air as if God is up to something. We are anticipating whatever will be happening in the next little while. With God you never can tell what may be around the corner. And so, the anticipation builds! My, what a story this is going to be!

“How do you plan to get your house?” is the big question.

How boring would it be if there were only one character in a story? What an amazing gift to able to impact the lives of others! For us, the overall “plan” at this point is to trust and keep our eyes on God. That is #1. He is going to do it, not us.

#2 is to make our need known which is the whole point of this email. It may go around the world 100xs but we are sharing our need to you... right now.

#3 is we’re inviting people to be apart of story. 

The house that we are hoping to purchase will cost around $600,000 including some renovation costs. As we consider the short timeline of when we hope to purchase this home we are asking for people to pray for us that it is released in the timing and manner needed. 

It is a bank-owned property which can expedite the process of us moving in, however, because of a commercial zoning (it was used as an office building) it is not possible for us to qualify for any form of home loan.  It will need to be paid in cash, which is what we are aiming to see released. Even with the zoning as it is, it will be no problem for us to live in the house as a residence. We know there are people out there who would love to be apart of this... so, we ask you to consider what your part could be.

“How do you feel about this?” may be your concern.

We just feel expectant. All we know is God is stirring and He is moving. Pray for us as we seek the Lord over the next while.

Thank you for reading this... I think that now, it officially makes you apart of this story. I hope you are as encouraged as we are as God works in each of our lives. Thanks for being apart of this and don’t hesitate to contact us.

With much Love and Faith Filled,

    Angela, Luke, Joy, Kindi, Levi and Xavier

[ Check out what we've been reading in Romans 4 Here (The Message) ]


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The Haythorpes


Oh man, this is crazy and awesome and I so believe God has a house for you! Wouldn't it be amazing if this is the ONE?! Definitely praying for you.

I had no idea that Xave might be on the Autism scale. That's pretty full-on guys. Will be praying that you can get settled soon and be able to get the testing completed that you need so you can move forward with getting him whatever help he might need. Levi too.

HUGS. xxo
Hi guys. Just subscribed to your blog because I won't just go read it in a spare moment. Think I'm coming up for air from my own life drama/adventure and can focus out a bit now. Count me in to pray for you all!
Heard "Love will hold us together" song on the radio recently and thought of you, Luke. Good times singing together.

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