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We may have found something... what do you think?

So, we have been looking for a while at different places for sale, and we have recently found this place:

It will need a little work as it has no showers but that is a small problem.  It has a second little house at the back of the property which is exactly what we were looking for to be able to host visitors.  We are going to have a look this week to check it out and make sure it will work.

It is a bank owned property, so not sure what that means in regards to buying it...

Please pray for us as we see if this is a good option to pursue.

The listing price is 549,000 which seems decent for the type of place that it is...

The location is exactly what we were looking for...

Much Love


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The Haythorpes


wow! sounds amazing! Praying for you guys! Over the property and over all the exciting things in store!

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