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Before you read on, I just want to let you know that what we are about to write about is deeply personal but as I have prayed and
considered before the Lord I believe it is the right time to write this blog that has been on my heart for a while. My apologies for my writing, Ang usually writes, but this time it is Luke!

During our holiday in Australia I had a growing sense that God was going to release a home for us this year. I had kept it a bit quiet from Ang as we have talked about this many times, it is a desire that we both share... While we have always been willing to be transient and live out of suitcases, even all in one room for a while, we realized that something needs to change as we pioneer YWAM Ember Ink in San Jose.

Carrying what we do with ministry and having 4 kids in tow, one who in particular really needs special attention and structure, I began to pray about a release of a home.

My prayers to this point usually started with how? and when? How, because unlike most folks we do not have the income to borrow against, especially for the type of home we need in San Jose. When, because we really need to be down in San Jose ASAP!

This past week though, things changed for me. I have a quiet sense that it wasn't about Ang, I or the kids wanting a home, but rather that God himself was going to do it... The thing with stepping out in faith you never really need a back-up plan, cos if you are listening and obeying, faith is not something you muster up, but rather something you rest in. It is about trust, confidence that Jesus is who He says He is and speaking it out...

So, I guess this is why I am writing this... My desire for those of you who read this is not that you would be compelled to give us money... We might not even need money. What I want you to do would be to stop and listen. If God is prompting you to be a part of this with us, great! If He isn't, great!

We are doing our best to walk in step with His Spirit as we pursue His dreams for our lives. If I'm completely honest, it seems like I stumble a heck of a lot more than walk! I hope that through reading this you are inspired to stop and listen to what He may have for you.

If you have got your fill you are excused and welcome to leave this blog, but for those of you who are curious to see the nature of our need I am going to take the next few paragraphs to outline what we as a family are believing for. It includes some amazing drawings from some of my talented children as well...

We are believing for something incredible to happen.  We do not have the resources to do this, but we know God does.

What we are hoping for:

We are wanting something that is large enough for our family as well as our first staff. We are hoping to see something with space enough for guests who come through as well as family. We are gathering donations for us to do this. Our budget is to find something under $600,000... hopefully lower.

We have found something suitable already listed at $579,000. It is a nice place but we will also have to get white-goods and make sure that things are up to par. A property like this will be something that we raise money for as a family. Its something we need and something we want... we are ready for stability. 

If you want to help us please let us know. We know that we cannot do it alone... because of our lack of credit and income we are needing a massive down-payment. ;) What looks impossible for us is very possible with God, right? We are at a place where we believe God has spoken and however He moves... we are excited to be a part of it!

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