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Pimps, Prostitutes and Trafficking

Its 1am and there is a pimp yelling at a prostitute outside our bedroom window. He’s carrying a boom box and she’s dancing while he’s yelling.
What do you do? What can you do?

Moving to this neighborhood (Bayview Hunters Point, San Francisco), even though its only for a short season, we knew we would encounter some confronting things. We have already had someone try to steal our car but this is of a different caliber.

This last weekend we attended The Global Forum on Human Trafficking where we discussed this very issue. There are currently 30 million people living in some form of slavery. It reminded us of our passion to see this problem eradicated. Luke and I talked and strategized on how we can be more active in educating people and being intentional about responding as apart of the solution. However, here I am... With it right in front of my eyes. What can I do?

I honestly have no answer. I literally stopped and prayed. I just interceded for that girl as she danced and was getting yelled at. My heart broke for her and the millions like her who are trapped. I asked God to pave the way for my part to play in all of this. And I prayed that this passion deep within does not fade. Join with me in praying for the presence of the Lord to be felt by those in bondage. Pray that there will be those who will stand up and do something about this. Pray that there is peace over these victims and hope for a future. Pray! Pray! Pray!

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