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Earthquakes and Fires

Today we had 2 earthquakes and a small “almost” fire in the oven... Welcome to California!!

Taking the most of
the opportunity,  I walked my kids through safety guidelines of an earthquake.
Where to go, how to protect each other, and what are the most important things to have with you. We have had a few drills since and will continue to do so to keep it in the forefront of their mind.

While we were making dinner, we fired up the oven in this house and it hadn’t been used in a while. Smoke filled the house it heated up some grease on the bottom of the oven that we hadn’t realized was there. I took the opportunity to share with the kids fire and smoke safety. The kids are excited to have more practical life lessons taught to them as they have real circumstances in which to practice.

Lets just say that there is NEVER a dull moment in the Haythorpe House... AND... my kids may or may not be keen to be fire fighters or on a disaster rescue team. ;)

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