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We're Moving... what?!

So, for a few years now I’ve taught on the subject of ‘Hearing the Voice of God’. And for the most part, its pretty
practical things of applying Bible principles. I feel confident that I hear God’s voice regularly and He has been ever faithful in each step I/we take out in faith as He leads... BUT... recently I have been challenged in this area.

As pioneers of a ministry there are a lot more things to take into account as we not only leading our family but the potential of this budding ministry. With each passing day, we’re realizing how a lot of our personal decisions that we pray about are more intertwined with ministry stuff than we previously assumed.

A little insight: Recently, we had just taken a trip to Hawaii to go to a seminar with the sole purpose to hear God and have leaders of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) speak into our lives and we build this ministry... and boy, did He speak!!

He began convicting us of our control... the fact that we wanted to play it safe and project out ministry steps into bite size, manageable pieces (because for the time being its just been the two of us).

“What?? Me?? A control freak??... NEVER!” ;)

He also shed a little light on the area of fear that I’ve been walking in...

“What?!?! Control and fear?? Surely God, you must be mistaken. I’m always up for the challenge!”

(What an amazing Father God we have! He is so gentle and loving in His correction.)
My eyes began to open as my fear of failure was exposed. I had been controlling the pace at which we’ve been going in based in that fear.

“But God, I’m just being ‘responsible’. I don’t want to be premature in my actions and over commit only to leave people high and dry.”
“Take the ceiling off”... And He said this phrase over and over again to Luke and I as we were in Hawaii.

Ceiling? Have I shut God into this little room so I will only be able to let Him out as I build the next room?? Who have I let the creator be here? Me?... Talk about CHALLENGING!!

So fast-forward... I’m sitting at my desk writing up projections for our bi-annual evaluation for YWAM. And I have to write up the projections for the next six months. Things I will be accountable for. Things I will officially aim for. Things that we are inviting other people (other than Luke and I) to gauge us by.... *Fear starting to seep in*
“God we can’t do this unless we know we have committed staff... and quite honestly, You haven’t brought us any more staff. And what if we say it and it doesn’t happen? Then what?” *Fear obviously being my voice at this point.*

I heard the most firm, yet gentle, response - “How can I bring you staff if you don’t NEED them?... And I am the one who gets all credit for success and failure. You are my vessel and I will use you as I please for your thoughts are not the same as my thoughts. My ways are higher than your ways. Have I not shown you that I am trustworthy?”

OUCH! It definitely stung a bit but all of a sudden comforted. He’s right! (imagine that) This is ALL for Him... good or bad... no matter what I think the outcome is.

A little more insight:  We have been floating the idea of starting a Discipleship Training School (DTS) for almost a year now. Its one of those ideas that is AMAZING but so much work. But as God was speaking about talking “the ceiling off” this stirring was growing stronger and stronger. So we put in on the radar for quite a few years down the track... pending not only staff but LOCATION.

We’d like to move closer to downtown and out of the burbs so we can really make an impact on the city. But the conventional way for us to do that is to wait until the kids are a bit older and save up to buy a place... to really put a stake in the ground and plant ourselves there. We’d need to find a large location where we can run a DTS including accommodation and lecture space... but thankfully that is not in the near future... or is it??

We have felt a stirring to push up the date to within the next year or two... not 5 or 10 years like I had expected. What? Well God, next step... bring on the staff! And so last week, into the Goals and Evaluation Paperwork it went. Taking action in the opposite spirit of fear and projecting hope and an expectancy in God. So its been heavily in our conversation and the steps we need to take to get there... location being one of them.

I wonder what will be next?

Fast-forward again to three days ago. We get a phone call from the property manager letting us know that the owners of our house are moving back in and we have a 60 day notice. What?? Their plan was to be away for 5-8 years and then move back... they will have only been gone 19 months! Apparently its due to work.

“So what are you saying God? Is this your nudge to get us closer to downtown?”

And so this is where hearing the voice of God becomes blurry for me. It is not just about ministry now... this is my family. And its not just about my family.... its about ministry.

In all honesty, I just don’t want to move again. Moving countries took its toll. And in even more transparency, the hope was to move into our OWN home. Something we could buy because after 10 years... I’m tired of renting. But that is still possibly quite a number of years off yet.

I wish I could say that God’s voice was outlining our next steps clearly to us. Its not SO clear but I’m reminded that we are learning. We are pioneering. We are hearing.

All I/we have heard is, “Have I not shown you that I am trustworthy?”

With that word its built excitement and there are moments of fear... only to go back and hold on to that word again. We DO trust Him. He’s been taking care of us all along. Just as He provided in getting us this house, He will do so with our next house. We are expectant.

So, this is where we’re up to. We have until the end of October, the 23rd to be exact. We are asking all to pray with us. That we will see His provision as we hear and are obedient.

So be praying and stay tuned because I think there may be a few things that God is going to do along the way... and remembering that its all for Him!

I think I’m adding to my teaching with each passing day! :)


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