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Thailand Changes

Hi Friends,

Just wanted to keep you up to date with some changes that are coming up:

So as I've been preparing for a trip to Thailand
in a few weeks, I've been in contact with the ministries and the team of ladies that I invited to go. In the process there are have been a few things I've been unsettled with but have been just pushing through as to not miss this opportunity. To be completely honest, we have been wrestling through this and I in (what I now see as) my stubbornness and confusion still kept pushing for it.

I think the issue has never been "should we go"... of course He wants us to go, He has been speaking it BUT it has been more of a timing thing. As I followed up my original invitation to the ladies, I felt God was going to give a definite answer in the process. Two of the four ladies wrote back with a definite 'no' and the other two hadn't gotten a clear answer from God. So, Luke and I brought it back to the Lord again... "Is this something we fight for Lord? Is this the right time to go? Open our eyes to what you are teaching us..."

So today as we are in our eleventh hour again with the end of the month mountain, we just laid it all bare before Him. We felt him beginning to speak to us and teaching us (mainly me) about decision making and discernment. Personally, I have been learning about my hastiness and discernment in timing. My ambition vs. hearing the word of the Lord and being solely obedient to that.

When we started planning the year, we were needing to work toward a project and wanted "momentum" but as we have pursued these things it felt like we were climbing a mountain only to see about a million more mountains behind that. And Ember Ink being "just us" at this point I started to see that we could only handle so much. We AREN'T in any way superheroes. I know God sustains, gives grace and strength as He leads and we obey... and now I started to realize that maybe we just had a bunch of good ideas but haven't totally let Him in in the process.  Now tired, travel weary yet feeling full in my Spirit, we took it to the Lord in repentance and said, "Lord speak". 
With Thailand, we've decided not to do it at this stage. We feel that the timing for this planned outreach has been OUR timing, not His. We will do the outreach at some point in the future but we will wait on God to speak when the time of it should be. I feel a bit humbled (ok, a lot!) as I write this but I know that all of you who have been following our journey know that God is constantly working on our hearts and character so it is my pleasure to share with you this lesson. 

Thank you for your prayer as we keep building this for Him and as he molds us into usable vessels. ;) We appreciate your involvement with us and Ember Ink! I look forward to telling our next tale of learning and victory!

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