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So, what would you do??

It all started on Monday when I sat down and prayed a simple prayer. “Lord, should I get new tires?” 
The situation was that we were heading up to Oregon in 2 days for Angela’s youngest brother’s wedding and with tires in bad shape and a spare on, we were rolling the dice with not dealing with it...

Problem was, we only had $1600 in our account and with rent due in a few days as well, it didn’t seem prudent or wise to spend this money and put us in a deeper hole...

So, there I was, praying for the second time when my little boy Levi, who is four years old, comes up to me holding a Costco Voucher booklet and pointed at a picture of a tire and said, “We need to get these daddy, today!!”  What the>?!?!

I looked at Ang and kind of chuckled, I explained that I was just praying for an answer of what I should do with our tires... Five hours later (and several hundred dollars later) Levi and I returned, flushed with success of putting the tires on...

Flash forward to today, tonight actually, we are packing for our trip all set to leave early in the morning believing God to cover the rest of our needs, $2200 plus some money for fuel to get up and back from our trip.  It is midnight and I am getting ready for some sleep, I have written our rent check and believing God up to and thru the last minute that He will take care of us, yet again...

So what would you do??  When He speaks something, do we have the courage to see it through.  We felt that God asked us to give up sending Angela on a trip in a few weeks, later tonight I heard from a few people who were willing to cover the costs of that trip...

Sometimes what God does and how He does it doesn’t always add up.  But we must let Him have the room to operate in our lives and be willing to be vulnerable and transparent as He does it. 

Please pray for us!

Much Love!!


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