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Kiss from Heaven

We had a road trip up to Oregon for my brother's wedding. Its was an exciting since the last time we had EVERY single one
of my siblings and our spouses together was in 2006! So we packed up in the car and left and a pretty unknown journey with our new tires. ;)

If you haven't read our previous blog we needed over $2000 to see our monthly needs met. It looks like a pretty tall order since we were headed on a road trip and didn't even know where the gas money was coming from. But even though we had 3 days to get rent in, we prayed still felt to go and so we headed out.

The funny thing about God is He always manages to have us on our toes so we don't forget about Him. :) We made it up safely and with a caravan of 4 vehicles. Each day we prayed, sent out some emails and hoped that rent would come in. Finally the day before rent we sent out the check still hoping that something would come in. By the next day still we had seen very little come in to reach that goal so before I had called the landlord for an extension we prayed. When I asked, he had no problem in giving us an extension for another 1 week.

Looking back, I see that God was teaching me about getting past a bit of fear and just remembering to trust him... this always scares me because you never comes up after the little lessons of preparation. But whatever it is, its usually BIG and usually AMAZING. :)

Anyway, over the next few days we saw a few gifts here and there which equaled the amount we needed. Plus a little extra! With the little extra we did have we wanted to bless my brother with a tank full of gas since he too was on a tight budget from his major travel from Canada. We were happy to do it and just want to love on them even though it was what we had left. BUT then we got home from our outing and someone had given us $1000!! What a kiss from heaven to know that as we hear Him (even in the smallest of ways), He takes care of us! 

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