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Another lesson learned??

So yesterday, what began as a fairly innocuous conversation quickly turned heated as Angela and I (Luke) both quickly realized that we both were not feeling heard in the particular situation we were discussing... After a good half hour of jabs and insults, resulting in a stand-off and a walk-off (I'll let you guess who did what) we both went our separate ways taking care what needed to happen on a regular Saturday...  Sadly, I would like to say that it didn't take too long before we got right with each other, but this particular time it took a while, it took all day...

When we finally broached each other at night as our heads hit the pillow we both realized how easily we  let disagreements and contention boil-over.  As on this occasion, the real issue quite often never as it seems...

As we started to share with each other, our heart softened ans God began to whisper revelation to us. Lessons of not letting matters of the flesh take precedent to living in step with the Spirit...  God wants to use us (no matter how broken we are) and because of that we need to expect there will be opposition when He is doing a good work. You see, we had another Ember Night on Friday and we both left encouraged and excited as we are seeing the Ministry grow, even the littlest bit. We felt God. 

The hiccup was, in the morning when we woke we kind of jumped right into the day and started talking about the future. We started talking about changes we will need to make and then, BOOM! We both had thoughts and we both thought we were right. Let the pride show its ugly face.. and it did. Where was God in it? We thought we knew what was best... each of us... on our own. We realize now how particularly prideful and stubborn we are and how important it really is to love others how you would like to be loved... A value and commandment that is littered throughout the scriptures... 

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2

OUCH! Stings a bit, eh? Especially when you know you're right (wink) ...but knowing this, that I can only really do that with God as the focus.

As children of God, we are to be aware of the opposition that may be there trying to create disunity, fear and breed unbelief. We need to know that there is a focus on dividing families, marriage relationships, and ministries. We need to more than ever keep our eyes fixed on the Father and be unrelenting in our obedience and strong in our faith! He is gracious, compassionate, faithful, and trustworthy! He knows better than we do and will be there to the end to see His plans and purposes will be completed.
Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6
And we can take that to the bank.

Much Love

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The Haythorpes


Thanks for sharing guys. We've noticed this as we've headed to a new season of worship nights with our group. We've only had a few meetings but without fail on the car ride over there's always attitude or tension or frustration - just to get in our way. Now we can identify and laugh "Oh right! God is working something good. We should've expected this."

Love you guys.

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