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April/May 2011 Update

Recently, I had the privilege to speak at San Jose State University for their Human Trafficking Awareness Week.
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship sponsored the night and invited me to speak. I shared on the topic of 'Does God Care?' about this issue. It was a great to be apart of some of the initiatives happening locally and we are looking forward to some of the partnerships that will develop through opportunities like this.

We've also been REALLY excited about what the next steps will be for us in Ember Ink. We've been planning away for a few outreaches to take place in August and September and building our teams for some documentation of various ministries working in the prevention, rescue, rehabilitation of people who were enslaved in the sex industry.

These outreaches have been long awaited and have been heavy on our heart for years. Our tentative plans are for me to take a small team to Costa Rica and for Angela to take a team to Thailand and India. We are in communication with these places and we're just trying to work out all the details.  

We ask that you would be praying for all the details to be worked out soon, for the finances to be coming in (we'll be trying to raise $6000 for airfares and accommodation) and for the team members schedules to work out.

This outreach will be very different from most we've gone on in the past. The purpose of this outreach is to go to the places we will be promoting in our fall concert. We will talk with the leadership of the centers to see what would serve them best as we ask people to respond to the need. We will also get various media pieces so people will see the need with their own eyes.

Our teams will be made up of people we know that are skilled in some type of art (whether it be music, visual media, web or fine art). We will go there and collectively gather according to our skill set. We are taking people who just have a heart to make a difference as this is the basis of our whole ministry. We seriously, couldn't be more excited!

On a personal note, we have now been living here in the South Bay for a year! it seems right to reflect on how good our God has been to us...  Sometimes I have found it easy to wish we are further along in our plans, but I have come to realize that it is not a healthy state of mind to continually place that pressure on myself.

Looking back at this past year I really can recognize His Hand on us... Sure, we have had our panic moments and difficult decisions, but each test of obedience has seen incredible rewards and movement as we continue to step out...

I see now how important it is to step out sometimes without knowing all the details... Because, if we were to know all of the details I am 99% sure I wouldn't have moved!! ;)

I am so incredibly blessed by all of our new friends, as well as incredibly grateful for our family and friends who have continued to show their support for us in this venture.

As I look forward to this coming year I am confident only in the one who leads us and look forward to the doors He opens and the relationships that form as we walk through them.


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The Haythorpes


Warren & Kerri said... May 11, 2011 at 2:51 AM
Fantastic Luke! So exciting to hear about your plans for travel.
Blessings on your family and ministry.
Much love, Overbeekes..

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