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February/March 2011 Update

Learning Life Lessons
I would like to preface this next paragraph for those of you that enjoy or vaguely understand the game of tennis, for those of you that don’t, please forgive me and read on down a ways…

So, I played a game of tennis this morning.  I wasn’t quite on my game but I scraped through with a win…  As the game progressed, I was realizing that some of my line calls were starting to be questionable, particularly one when a set was on the line, I was a little unsure, but I called it late, almost as though I was waiting to see if my return shot went in… It didn’t.

I would never admit it but maybe the fact that I was under quite considerable pressure (more than usual) meant I was playing a lot more for survival than my usual generous, relaxed self…  Take Note: It is easy to be relaxed and generous when the game is in the bag or things are cruisey.  I think a great test of our character is when the pressure is on, how do we respond to the challenges thrown at us..

Isn’t it funny how our true character comes out when a little pressure is applied? You could say lately I have been observing some not so great character defects/flaws within my heart and persona that seem to lay dormant when things are going well, but throw a few spanners in the works (I think that would translate as wrenches for those in the US) and they rise to the top and be quite glaring and obvious (and I am sure, annoying) to friends and family!

So that’s a little window into the ugly side of Luke, he may not seem competitive, but he is!  And worse than that, he may be willing to cheat to win… OUCH!!

I think sometimes this relates so much to where we find ourselves as Ember Ink, wanting to be further along than we really are but recognizing we need to lay a strong foundation built upon the directions and intent of the Lord…

I mean, the crazy stuff that God had His prophets do before their mission to test their obedience, think Gideon, and the crazy stuff that happened when they weren’t obedient, think Jonah!!


The last couple of months have been a lot of fun, we have had so many amazing visitors, from a precious month with my mother, sister and her new baby, to a visit from my brother, some old friends, new friends and a few blasts from the past that was so good for the soul. We've counted almost 20 House guests and 7 stop-ins and airport runs.Whew! We love having people come through to meet up and spend time with us. We feel this is a huge part of our family's ministry.

Also, we had such a great opportunity recently to encourage and help assist a young couple who are pioneering a new YWAM center in the Dominican Republic with some computer and software training.  They have a real heart for that area and Haiti, particularly working with children at risk, please check out their page here.

Happenings and Prayer Requests

I (Luke) have begun to write songs again, starting to prepare for later in the year when we start to venture out more…  I feel really rusty but also am finding great inspiration as I step out in my gifts more.  Please pray for me as I write songs that will inspire and challenge and that I would not be suffocated by insecurity and doubt (yes, they are some other flaws I have, surprised?!?!)

Angela has been taking more opportunity to use her photography. She is feeling rusty as well not having used this gift for a while but she is stepping out more and more and we are proud. :) Also, she has been struggling lately with a fair bit of exhaustion, so she has been taking a bit of time here and there to get rested up.  Please keep her in your prayers, she carries so much of this in her heart, she can get a bit down when she is not able to output as much as she would like…

I head to North Carolina in April for a week to YWAM’s  National Leaders Conference for Leaders of American YWAM centers. I am looking forward to connecting with others, and seeing how God is using others throughout the mission here in the States…  We had a great deal of provision from a good friend who hooked us up with some air miles for me to get there, seriously, a great way to make friends of a YWAMer is to donate air miles… brilliant…

Ember Ink

The concert in the fall is still taking shape! We now have a great artist on board to play for it (still working some of the details before we reveal though).  We still in the process of investigating a location to profile but we will hopefully have that soon… Finding places that have the infrastructure can be a challenge, please pray that we will be led to the right one… 

We are also thinking of starting Ember Nights (nights of worship and intercession focused on hearing God and praying for those in great trouble) a little earlier than planned…  We will keep you posted on how things go with that…


Since our appeal in November we have seen great provision. We have not been late on rent since then and will be able to make rent this month as well…  We have seen our monthly support rise as well as a steady steam of donations to cover our needs…  It has been so encouraging to see folks rally behind us and give so generously and in some cases, incredibly sacrificially…  It is humbling but oh so motivating!! 

We are still in need of over $2500/mo of committed monthly support to reach our minimum goal of $4500... but this is a true testimony of God's faithfulness time and time again as our needs have been met fully and on time. So amazing!

So, I think that wraps it up for now, we hope that you all are finding joy wherever you find yourselves.

Much Love,

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