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The Eleventh Hour

Hi Friends,

We are asking for prayer as we seek the Lord today. For details please read our story below...

Our Story in a nutshell:

As you know, we are in full-time ministry with YWAM here in the Bay Area. We are pioneering the very first YWAM work in the South Bay. Basically, our ministry focus is using music and media as tools of evangelism and intimacy with God. And as we see people wanting to respond to God, to provide various opportunity to respond through working in areas of combating social and gender based injustice.

We moved over here a year ago with the Word of the Lord and a few bags. We had $600/month committed support to this ministry, no staff and just our family. Through this last year, we have seen amazing things happen and incredibly difficult things happen and today it was difficult….

We have seen over the past year financial committments raise to $1000/month (starting in January). Which is getting things closer to the immediate need of $4600/mo within the goal of about $7000/mo. We have had the amazing privilege to be working at a local church these past  9 months. It has been a great source of provision, however, because due to cost of the Bay Area we’ve had to pray in anywhere from $2000-4000 each month. This has been hard not knowing where the money will come from but it comes in each time. It has been a journey of stepping out in faith as we literally take each step as the Lord speaks. Pioneering this ministry has been challenging but we are thankful to see God provision as things are getting built.


It has been hard on our landlords too as from month to month. The rent is either on time or not, which has been kind of hard since they took a chance on us when NO ONE else would.

So today we were given the indication that we will be evicted soon if things do not change now.

This is why we ask you to pray… We don’t know what our next step will be. By the end of today we need to see about $2000 come in. By the end of December we need to see another $7500 come in. And by the start of January we need to see the regular income go up by at least $3600/month.

We have seen amazing things happen like I’ve said. You can read those amazing stories on our web page. We have a LOT of them. However, I share only our need so the fervency of your prayer can surround us right now as we make decisions.

I know there are a lot of questions you might have and we welcome them… Sometimes it takes big leaps of faith to get to the place you need to be and we're looking for more partnerships! We do have a team of other YWAM missionaries coming in the new year to live and help really move things along with ministry. 

With your questions (if you have any) please feel free to ask BUT as you do, we just ask you give us a few days to hear from the Lord… What we’re asking you to do is to PLEASE PRAY FOR US so we can hear clearly.

Much Love,

Luke & Angela Haythorpe

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The Haythorpes


Encouraging word from a YWAM Friend:

Dear Luke and Angela,

I remember in the early years of seeing the ministry birthed on Anastasis [one of YWAM's first Mercy Ship]. We had little money and much was needed to see the work done to launch the ship to ready state. During a prayer time fishes literally jumped out of the water onto the shore( 5, 301 to be exact). This was a sign to us that He would indeed provide somehow. ...Then we ate fish, for many weeks after! And finally the provision came for fueling the ship for our maiden voyage. ( Prior to this we had been buying large barrels of oil and cutting it with lighter stuff to run the engines for our " hour of power" each day. ) Those were challenging and difficult days and the Greeks around us thought we were a bit " crazy". And , as you say, well maybe a little ! But glory to God when the His answer comes in His way and it surely will, and perhaps in a very different way than you expect. I'm praying that he will show up in just the way that is needed, both for your family and the landlord's family and for any other purposes He has in this.

Will continue to pray for God's breakthrough answers and look forward to hearing how He moves on your behalf.
An Encouraging word from a Church Friend:

Good morning Haythorpes,

Lately, I've been feeling quite helpless about the needs of others around me, so I brought them all in prayer this morning, which I'm not in the habit of doing.

Today's scripture reading for me was in John 12, a short version of Mary's anointing of Jesus' feet with expensive perfume. Judas' response was that it was wasteful because he didn't understand, and Jesus responded with, "Leave her alone. It was intended..."

I was moved because I felt this story was about you. The outpouring of yourselves to the Lord, no reserves, no holding back, no saving some for later. Giving it all in the present. And I felt there were Judases out there, not understanding, not encouraged/challenged by your offering, maybe even considering it foolish for a time/place like here/now.

But Jesus stands by you and says "Leave them alone." He shows others wrong by honoring your offering before them. You don't have to be defensive before the opinions and questioning of others during this obstacle, because the receiver of your gift is Himself your defender.

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