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Let there be LIGHT!

Luke and I were praying late one night, I had a picture of us in a dark room at a table with a desk lamp on it. When the light bulb went out, it was pitch black and I felt around to find a window where I flung the curtains back. As soon as I did, a bright light flooded the room and I was blinded for a moment but as soon as my eyes adjusted, I saw EVERYTHING so clear.

This season has been very much that for us. We have been operating under a desk lamp when He’s wanted us to see so much more... But the light bulb had to burn out, leaving us in desperation and dependence on Him to guide us. We’ve been stepping out in the dark in complete and utter trust that He will shed light.

As we have struggled through, its like we’ve pulled back the curtains made of presumption, pride and fear to let not only our Father in more but others in too. Its like just barely cracking open the doors of a floodgate. Once its open, its ALL coming out! To be honest… I think we feel a bit blinded by it all. All we know is that our eyes are adjusting and we’re seeing a bit more each moment but it’s still unexpected what is before us.

We have been humbled by God’s faithfulness time and time again. In the last week, we have seen our urgent needs of $2000 taken care of in a matter of hours as the money was needed that day. HOURS! How crazy and amazing is that?! We have seen another $2000 come in bringing our need for this month down to $5500. We have been told that our kids have been adopted in a Christmas Gift drive, as He provides for ALL of us – even the little ones. What a faithful God we serve!

We continue to ask for your prayer, dear friends.  Rejoice with us in His faithfulness! Pray for those partnerships that are yet to come to help further the ministry. We need to see another $4000/month of support for YWAM before January 1st.

Thank you all for your continuous words of affirmation and for being the hands of Jesus to us!

The Haythorpes 

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The Haythorpes


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