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November 2010 Update: Keep the Mission going

Keep the Haythorpes in missions!... seriously. ☺

Suffering in Silence
A few years back, our really good friend and old ministry director Robyn Mulligan was praying for us. She said, “When I think of Luke and Ang… I think of perseverance… You guys always seem to quietly push through no matter how hard the circumstances get, yet you do it in silence. Keep letting people in.” This came to mind today as Luke and I were praying. Our silence has never been intentional, I think over the years we have been jaded by many missionary newsletters with the urgency of some kind of need and maybe we haven’t wanted to bombard people with our own needs.
We mention them loosely from time to time in a broader sense but have only been REALLY direct to people we felt led to speak with. I think our heart has always wanted to encourage people by what God is doing because it reflects our heart.

Anyway, so here we are…

The Transition
It has been a year since we’ve moved to America… time has flown by in some ways and in others not so much. We have learned what it is to pace ourselves and not burn out, we continue to do whatever it takes
to press on with this call whether that means to get jobs, fast or ask. Don’t get me wrong, God has been amazing! And I’m not saying that loosely. We have seen MIRACLE after MIRACLE (literally!) to even be here right now.

We’ve moved to America knowing it would be more than a leap of faith to live here… we left behind financial stability and entered an increased cost of living. We left all our belongings and came with 13 bags of clothes, guitars and memories. We have seen provision for a vehicle, a home, furniture and of course toys. What an amazing testimony of His faithfulness to us as we lay down more and more for Him…. I don’t say this to brag about us but to boast in Him. He is faithful!

The Circumstances
So, we have seen provision… like I said, being here is evidence of that. However, we lack. And I don’t say that flippantly, I am just being transparent. We are called to YWAM and to raise our own support. Right now we have $600/month support and Luke is working part time as a Worship Director of a church. This still has not met our needs fully and have had to pray in $2,000-3,500 in almost every month and we have seen it come in. How crazy is that?!

Anyway, last month God threw a curve ball at us. Over a few prayer times it became very clear that God wanted us to drop Luke’s pay at the church. It threw us for a loop since we already had an end date for his work in the new year and knew we’d have to get more support, etc. But he spoke for Luke to keep working at the church until the end date we committed to but to do it as a volunteer… so that’s what we’ve done.

The Need
We have not known how to do this except to be transparent and get it out there to everyone and anyone. The reality is, we have a vision… a vision on God’s heart. We’re doing what we can but we can’t do it alone. We need people to help us.

Our need is for $4000/month more in support. It really isn’t that much. If we got $20/mo from 200 people or $50/mo from 80, it seems like a drop in the bucket compared to the $4000. Its doable but we need people to say yes. I am humbled by this whole process… I believe that God will sustain us. He always does. But one of our Foundational Values in this mission is to rely on relationship-based support, depending upon God and His people for financial provision, both corporately and individually.

Help us stay in the game. We are barely doing it now. Thank the Big Guy for keeping us in the game. Will you come and join our team?

If you are interested, please email us. If you have questions, just ask. We’ll be transparent… but I know this is not a time for us to be silent any more!! So get the word out! Pass this on… we just don’t know how else to get it out there but by a shot in the dark.

Keep Praying!


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