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September 2010 Update: SeptEMBER is here…

SeptEMBER is here… and we must say things are truly rolling along!!

On the family front, Joy and Kindi are both in school
and LOVING it. They are both enjoying seeing each other at lunch and introducing their new friends to one another… lets hope this will carry on until High School. ;)

Both Levi and Xavier are at home and keep us on our toes! They break up the workday with an occasional, “Train Twacks” building time and a snack break… busy, busy.

YWAM Ember Ink
With YWAM things are chugging along. We are building a basic web page to keep updating people with what things we are doing and how people can get involved. It’s beginning to really happen folks!

What this upcoming year looks like for Ember Ink is pretty exciting for us. We will be moving
from the logistical stages into the documenting stages! We are going to be researching, traveling, documenting various needs within the Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation prevention and after care ministries around the world. We will pick a few places and see what is being done in those areas, as well as find out what the needs are there. We’ll be find out how we can partner with these different ministries over time to help advocate for them, to see those needs met and to begin seeing transformation in these areas.

This is a foundational step for us as we look at using the arts as tools of advocacy. We believe that as we highlight certain areas, we first need to immerse ourselves in getting a holistic picture of what transformation really looks like. We believe there is value in each life and know that each person has a story to tell. It is SO important for us to see and hear what these victims have gone through so when we tell their story, it WILL BRING CHANGE.

So whats next?
Well, at the moment, the truth of the matter is we cannot do this alone. So, we are in process of (1) adding more staff. We have vision… BIG vision and so we need people! (*) Please be praying for us as we discern who God would have us add to the team.

(2) We also are starting to fund raise. We need to do extensive travel and research this year as this is one of the major building blocks of this ministry. We need to form a team of ministry partners who will support YWAM Ember Ink with monthly financial commitments and prayers. (*) If you would like to be a partner of Ember Ink OR (*) would like to hold a fundraiser on behalf of Ember Ink, please contact us:


Luke and Angela Haythorpe
Ember Ink, Youth With A Mission

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