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Meeting our Needs

And He continues to do it...

I'm sure there are a quite a few people on the outside who look at us and literally think we are insane! Our lives in no way, shape or form make sense... we are living life completely on the edge.

It is no secret we've been in a financial struggle since moving to America. And although we have had to triple our cost of living, we are SO BLESSED to have a small and faithful team who continues to support the ministry through thick and thin... really, we are blessed.

Due to our "state of need", we have had a lot of questions of  'why?' asked of us... especially since we are doing this in public and are inviting the questions and input. We do have practical answers for all these things, yet I am aware that there is a much deeper curiosity and desire to want to know 'why?'

Sometimes God speaks things to us that are so uncomfortable. If we would have known from the beginning the magnitude of how much out of our comfort zone and need we'd be in - trust me, we would have ran as far in the OTHER direction as possible! However, my heart longs for an intimacy with God that SEES his miracles in my life. It longs for hearing his voice for crazy things like healings and moving mountains... what I've learned is that to be where my heart desires, it requires DEEP FAITH. The kind where you have no control and trust that God will do what He says He'll do, regardless of everything else.

Faith is uncomfortable. Faith takes you to the edge and OVER if you really want the goods. We can do all in our power to control things and make sure things are taken care of and it still won't be good enough... because HE is in control!! Not an easy lesson... let me tell you. But here are some recent (VERY RECENT) stories that may just build your faith along with ours. Questions aside, just be blessed by His wonderful character of Love, Faithfulness, and Provision. :)


It boggles the mind that no matter the predicament we are in, if we are faithful to walk in the conviction God puts on our hearts... he ALWAYS comes through!

For the last few months we have been in a tough spot. We don't have nearly the finances need to continue the ministry here in California and its beginning to show more and more. We have been called to live as faith-based missionaries here and as we work on getting the ministry's financial support up, we have had to trust that the Lord will meet us as we step out.

In July, we were $2500 short for rent. We saw the 1st of the month come and go and had absolutely no idea where it was coming from. We had shared the needs with a few people and someone we don't even know that well called us and wrote a check the next day... we were floored! How amazing is that?!?! We were relieved and praised God for his faithfulness. Not only that! But in the following weeks, we had people bringing bags of food for us!

This is the reality of our pioneering state... TOTALLY DEPENDENT.

This Last month, we were about $2000 short in rent & utilities. Once again... no idea where it would come from. We did everything in our control to get things organized. Nothing was coming and, I tell you, we were working HARD to make sure things were covered... still nothing. We were at the VERY last day to pay the rent and early that morning, we received a phone call and someone deposited $2500 into our bank account that very day!!! Another testimony of his faithfulness!

Our desire is that this continual struggle is NOT the norm. However, I would not change the lessons we have learned of having faith in our God! 

Ages ago, we had committed to some dear friends that Luke, Joy and Kindi would be in their wedding in Ontario, Canada. Of course it landed at the end of the month with the first of the month fast approaching. We didn't know how to get there and it was nearly a week before the wedding. So we sent out an invitation to help get them there. In just a few days, people rallied and we saw just enough money come in for Luke and Joy to go to Canada! Yet ANOTHER incredible testimony!

Another story. A few months ago, our computer died. She lasted 6 years and served us well in ministry. She travelled the world with us and resurrected three times! What a good computer. Fortunately, Luke has one of the church's computers that he uses for work. and I steal from time to time to do work stuff as well for Ember Ink. Anyway, it has been on the radar for a while to get a new one but its lower on the priority list than other pressing things. HOWEVER, just yesterday we we're sent an email from a friend saying we were given a donation of $800 towards a computer... so we are well on our way!!

How exciting is this adventure... stretching... BUT EXCITING! Definitely living life on the edge! :)


       Praise the LORD.
       I will extol the LORD with all my heart 
       in the council of the upright and in the assembly.

   Great are the works of the LORD; 
       they are pondered by all who delight in them.

     Glorious and majestic are his deeds, 
       and his righteousness endures forever.

     He has caused his wonders to be remembered; 
       the LORD is gracious and compassionate.

   He provides food for those who fear him; 
       he remembers his covenant forever.

   He has shown his people the power of his works, 
       giving them the lands of other nations.

   The works of his hands are faithful and just; 
       all his precepts are trustworthy.

   They are steadfast for ever and ever, 
       done in faithfulness and uprightness.

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