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Summer Camp!

Joy recently had her first experience of Summer Camp!

Joy received a scholarship for a 1 week computer and soccer camp at Stanford University. She was nervous and excited as we took her into tour the facility. Upon return, we found it might be a tough transition as there has been so many changes over the last year but she came back with nothing but good reports and of course how AWESOME she is at video games. ;)

Even though she found it hard we urged her to try it again and she went back for another day. She came back and said, "Soccer is really hard!". We chuckled with her, knowing it would have been as their coach is a coach for Santa Clara University. :)

So after debrief of the day, we sent her with the kids to go out and play. THEN within a half an hour we hear crying... Joy dropped one of the rocks from the stone wall in our backyard on her foot!

Yes, so we had to postpone her future soccer career for now... In all of that, we just were amazed at how God provides things like a summer camp just to smile upon us and let us know that He is thinking of us. If anything, we know that Joy felt really special that SHE was picked to go to camp... and I think she just really needed to feel that.

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