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Just this last week we reached our 9 year wedding anniversary! 

Thinking that next year we reach our first big milestone... 10 years of marriage, I was prompted to go research what the traditions are and what it means.

Traditionally, the symbol gift is tin/aluminum. It kind of makes me laugh to see 'aluminum' be the gift as this reminds me of one of the first debates we had in married life. A lot like the the "tomato [tuh-mey-toh]/ tamato [tuh-mah-toh]" argument. 

Being from two english speaking countries the language barrier is more a set of debates about how things should be pronounced... like 'aluminum'. We Americans like to say [uh-loo-muh-nuhm] in Australia they say [al-u-mhin-ee-uhm]. The only conclusion we came up with was, you say it the way you want and I'll say it how I want... lets call the whole thing off. 

The significance of the aluminum is a symbol of how marriage needs to be flexible and durable and how it can be bent without being broken. We have been merely scratching the surface of this as we near our first big milestone of marriage. 

We recently had a 20 hour encounter with God as He intricately orchestrated a beautiful breakthrough in our marriage. With a young family, we don't often get time to talk and be for hours on end. But recently, we just purchased a vehicle from our friends in Montana. A lot of people ask, "Why Montana?" and the only thing we can say is that we felt the Lord had led us to do it. So in a 3 day time frame we set out to fly to Montana and drive back over a full 2 days.... thats not exactly how it went. 

During our many transfers of flights to reach our Montana destination, we hit a few patches of bad weather which equalled DELAYS. So, we ended up having to overnight in Denver. This was very disheartening as we planned to catch up with a few friends along the way... it was not meant to be. We took it as, "maybe God wants to get our attention". 

We had a lovely sleep in a hotel provided by the airline. And we were off at 4am! This was the beginning of a LONG trip. We got to Montana by noon and had lunch with our dear friend from which we purchased the vehicle. We had a good time while we quickly caught up in life and then we were off for a 20hr straight drive!

It started like many of our road trips, get some snacks and energy drinks - all set for the long haul. Then we disappeared into the mountain ranges. We had 1 CD and a few songs on an Ipod but that became old REAL QUICK. So we began to talk, just catching up on life really. About how we were doing and how the kids are adjusting to all the transitions we've been going through, pretty generic stuff... then we argued... THEN we started talking deep. This was much needed! We shared our heart, prayed, cried, worshipped and just encountered the love our Father who brought us together in the first place. 

God knew it was all too easy to just exist and let time go by... to let the kids take all the attention and to not connect... I mean, REALLY connect. He wanted to bring the core of us into alignment with Him and where He wants our marriage to be. He knew we had to make a trip to Montana to get 20hrs of undivided attention from a seasoned married couple with a bunch of kids. He took the time so that we can learn to have a long-lasting marriage that can last through the bumpy road of life.

So, in all of that investigation, my conclusion is that I think that in one sense we DO need to be broken. Broken before the Lord. He is really the only one who can lead us in the right way (although we'd like to think we have all the answers). We are to be durable through the test of time. We are to be flexible with each other as He takes us on the journey. If we fix our eyes on our Heavenly Father, He will create an unbreakable marriage that will be a beautiful example of His love, no matter how bent out of the 'original shape' we get... He's forming something amazing!

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The Haythorpes


Aluminum is spelt different in the two countries (same as between Canada and Australia).

Australia = Aluminium
Canada / USA = Aluminum

One is proper English, the next is our messed up North America version. (We don't actually speak "real" English over here.)

Miss you guys.
Angela Haythorpe said... July 28, 2010 at 3:03 PM
HAHAHA! Why am I not surprised you know that info?? :)

Miss you too mate. Hope you guys enjoyed your 9th just as much as we did!

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