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America has brought many pleasant things to us like an endless cereal aisle, plentiful options of fast food, new television shows but most importantly a summer where you have really no need to find the nearest air conditoner... its just nice pleasent summer days. The kids will go out for HOURS and become explorers, ninjas, baseball players or tigers. They love every moment!

Recently, they were just introduced to the Slip'n Slide. I remember as a kid, My brothers and I used to lay plastic (that dad would bring home from work)  down across the lawn, placing bricks on all four corners (dangerous, I know now) and squirt dish soap across the surface. We'd have the hose pouring out in the middle... you know, to get a longer sliding distance and we'd keep going until either someone was injured or got in trouble... which was pretty often. It is one of my fondest memories.

Anyway, some visiting friends bought the kids a REAL slip'n slide!  It took a little while for them to get the idea of this foreign concept but once they got it... they were SOLD on it! As childhood memories races back, my heart was full and I saw the joy and innocence of my littlies. How they just love life and fun in the sun! I love that. It makes me love life just a little bit more.

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